..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..



..ready for surgery test after this..

…get ready(struggling actually) for Dr sherif Hawari class after this..he will teach us Arrythmia and i have to get ready study HTN which he will ask us ..

…have no idea about exams tomorrow..i wonder??

list of things i should revise tonight..

ICU exams

-normal value of electrolytes,vital signs,causes of disorders of each

-Respiratory failure

-cardiac emergency,respiratory emergency,GIT emergency,SHOCK


-ABG interpretation

-moniitoring ICU patient

Tropical subject..

-checklist for abdominal examination


-portal hypertension

-causes of hepatomegaly

-causes of splenomegaly

-viral markers,antibilharzial treatment


-manifestations chronic liver failure

hmmm…ok then,pray for me..

..MBBcH year..


Oh,give me a pill!

That’s the first thing I gonna do for this week..it was very2 exhausted week ever..mind u ok..hehe

Sedar tak sedar,today is Wednesday,which I gonna have 2 exams tomorrow..ICU/Emergency exam and Tropical exam..oh,wait a minute!,am I really have an exams tomorrow??haiyaa,buat-buat pening plak dah cik faten ni..hehe..well,but it is,I am having really bad headache now(tapi sempat lagi update blog)..i donno,lately I always got dizziness which comes in attacks,but I realized I never been syncope,better than never right?..so,I diagnosed myself with adrenaline rush attack or anxiety attack=seldomly I have palpitation,blurring of vision sometimes(nak kata tak nyempat2 nye lap spek..huh,ada kaitan ke?haha),cough,fever..and hundreds of other symptoms(yang paling banyak ialah symptom mengada-ngada..hehe)..

Just wanna share with u guys what I’ve done this week..sometimes when I try to explain to my family what is happening to me here(right now),they just said “yo doh la tu,mugo amik medic kam?baso dio doh tu..”well…ok…definitely totally undoubtfully right! But I’m not whining or something,this is my life(which by hook or by crook I must face it right?),which I love most(living in hectic life,I appreciate what He gives to me..i still can breathe,I can still see what people do,I can still do what I want..u know what,when I see patients in rounds/class/whatever(in the street maybe),there comes my pittiness for them(mudah je nak kuar air mata ni),tambah-tambah kalo I tengok kids yang sakit..Tuhan je tau how I feel at that time..but doctors should be strong right!no more manja-manja ni sume,either u take it or u leave it..life is so simple!(ok,dah banyak dah merepek…)

So,lets go to our main story..hehe.lets revise .things that I’ve done this week..

Sunday (10/12)- go to surgery class,learnt skin graft,skin flap..go to clinical medicine class,doctor explain about taking history in details (the rest:I wasn’t feeling well on Sunday..seriously guys,I think I wanna do CT on my brain..haha)

Monday(11/12)- 6.30am=going out,strolled over Nil River,heading to surgery class-learnt about face,tounge cancer,lip cancer from surgical point of view(It’s so scary I told u..haha),finish class at 9am,then rushed over to ICU/Emergency class(nasib baik tingkat 1 je..kalo x,semput….hehe),I learned about respiratory failure,gave fully attention here coz I don’t have time to study in details at home(no doubt then,really love Emergency,especially part heroic,rushing2,kejar2 ,lari2 dalam hospital which is so amazing kan?seems nampak real medicine world when I am in emergency..hehe)ok,then at 12pm,went home,study for the next class(actually I was tired at this time..)study for Dr Hawari class,Cardiology coz I have viva/oral exams with him..(so hafal la I sume topic Heart Failure,Rheumatic fever,Inf.Endo,Angina,Myo.Infarction,pulmonary embolism,systemic HTN)..at 1.30pm,sekali lagi rushing2 pegi kelas Dr Hawari..first we completed study the treatment of hypertension,then doctors start asking question for each student (Ya Rabb,sangat cuak tahap ape ntah masa ni…coz he will ask u anything he wants..haha..but really,sangat respect kat doctor coz when he did like this to his student,so,students will always prepared la kan..setiap masa I pegang je buku biru cardiology tu..hehe)

We finish class at 4.40pm,then rushing lagi untuk solat Asar yang berbaki beberapa minit je before solat Maghrib at 5pm..then,we continue our class little bit..so,overall,we finished at 6pm lebih2 sket..then,macam biasa,balik ngan Pana,walking along Nil river..hehe(tempat lokasi filem KCB..sempat lagi tu..hehe),then safely reached home at 6.40pm..masa ni dah collapsed..haha..i took a rest for an hour,then continue to my routine-which is..STUDY!=)

Tuesday(12/12)=as usual,6.30am,heading to clinical medicine class,doctor teach about the most important complaint/symptom of patient in cardiac disease,DYSPNEA for 2 hours..then,rushing to ICU/Emergency class(in hospital),learned ABG(Arterial Blood Gas) interpretation today..Alhamdulillah,dah faham ape itu Respiratory acidosis,alkalosis and anak-beranaknye..hehe..then at,11.30,rushing to faculty,having clinical session of Tropical round,got ascites case,see flapping tremors,percuss shifting dullness,do transmitted thrill..and so on..at 2pm,rushing(again) to surgery lecture,study about management of shock (which I was happy about it..coz subjek emergency,which I love most)..we finished at 3.30pm,then I go to faculty bookshop,menjamu mata and relieved my stress by looking at many books there..jatuh hati dengan buku symptoms and signs in medicine by Prof Dr Salah Ibrahim(big2 professor Ain Shams University)..balik rumah,jalan mesra dengan my best buddy,Dr Azlin..hehe..safely arrived at home and masak untuk adik-adik housemate..then after Maghrib,I collapsed again..haha..woke up and STUDY(for exams and revision)slept at 2am.

Wednesday(13/12)=7am=surgery class,9.30am=ICU/Emergency,12pm,Tropical class,2pm-5pm=Dr Hawari class


So,dear all,please pray for me ok..peace!

Note 2: aih,missing my family,missing *** already..hehe ..doa dari jauh..=)

Final Year..=)

Assalamualaikum wbt


Alhamdulillah,it’s been about 10th week I’m having my journey in final year as medical student in the most prestigious,ancient,descent medical school in Africa continent,Kasr el-Ainy Medical School,Cairo University. Alhamdulillah..then Alhamdulillah..then Alhamdulillah..i am totally proud with what I achieve till now.thanks Allah for your bless,for your giving..oh,not forget to say happy New Year,Salam Maal Hijrah to all my friends out there(thanks to someone who reminds me,bukan xingat,terlalu sibuk mungkin sampaikan xteringat..O God,forgive me then..huhu)..so,what r your resolution for this year people?? Hehe..

I have wishlist to be completed and achieved..inshallah..may God panjangkan usia cuz I really want to do many good things to people out there..inshallah

10 wishlist

  1. Mendalami ilmu fikah perubatan and updated with isu-isu perubatan semasa
  2. Belajar (pulun habis-habisan) medic for this final year..xsampai 8 bulan lagi nak habiskan final..bersusah2 dahulu xapa kan? Inshallah hasil yang bagus di kemudian hari..ameen
  3. Grad pada waktu dan masa seperti ditetapkan(inshallah February/march 2013)
  4. Mendalami ilmu rumahtangga (how to be good wife,fiqh rumahtangga and etc)well,I think final year student should think about dis rite?bersedialah dari awal..xsalah kan??hehe
  5. Buat Lasix-before going back to Malaysia cuz it’s cheaper here…say bye-bye to Mr Specky and Miss Lenses..hehe
  6. Berguru betul2 dengan big professors here..ambil sbyk mungkin pengalaman..develop social skills
  7. Arabic and English language-must improved!
  8. Ziarah makam-makam,tempat2 interesting in Egypt before going back to Malaysia
  9. MUMTAZ for final year!(inshallah)
  10. Dan banyak lagi…hehe=)

Pray for me~

Notes= 11th week=ICU ,ER posting ..no Dr Sherif class,attend Dr Amr(surgery) class,Dr Ashraf Zaki(history taking session)

12th week=EXAMs week=Tropical special exam,ICU exam,Dr Sherif exam

13th week=inshallah CLINICAL exam (mid term exam)

How to Gain Benefit during Elective Programme..

from http://hubpages.com/hub/Medical-Student-Electives-How-to-get-the-most-benefit-from-your-Clinical-Rotation

For most medical students the first clinical rotation is always an emotional time. You go to your assigned hospital in the morning and you really don’t know what to expect. Of course you might have some idea about what goes on at the hospital and what you should do, but even with older friends to give you advice you can still find yourself totally unprepared on the first day.

Benefiting fully from your clinical rotations can make a huge difference in your medical education. This is when we finally get a chance to integrate the knowledge from the books with day-to-day patient interactions.

What to expect?

1. Patient interactions

Patients can be scary for a medical student. Your first encounters will probably be clumsy, but that’s OK. That’s how all the great doctors began their careers. Even your most esteemed university professors had embarrassing moments. You may not find the right words to say to the patient, you may be asked a question you have no idea how to answer. Just relax and take it all in, admit to yourself that you are just a medical student who is there to learn. Patients always miss having someone to talk to so try to be that person. Try to really understand what they are going through and they will be kind to you. If you can’t manage to take an accurate history at first, don’t worry! As you gain more experience everything becomes second-nature.

2. Doctor interactions

Depending on where you live in the world, there may be different approaches to clinical medical education, but the idea remains the same: Students will be following a doctor around the hospital. That’s how it usually is. As time passes you will start to have more responsibilities yourself, but first you must see how things are done.

The doctor responsible for the medical students is usually very kind and will gladly help you out if you are really interested in learning something. Try not to be a know-it-all and be open to learning whatever he/she might teach you. He has years of experience in dealing with patients, in administering drugs etc. Ask many questions, there are no stupid ones.

If you are asked a question about something you haven’t got a clue about, never be afraid to say: “I don’t know”. You are there to learn.

3. Preparation

Try to come to your rotations well-prepared. Reading your textbooks in advance really helps you out by making it easier to integrate everything. Reading attentively creates a structure on which you can add various other knowledge. During clinical rotations, doctors don’t really have the time to give you the information in an organized manner. You will be seeing lots of patients, signs, diseases and procedures in a very short time so you should know the theory in order to ask better questions.

Getting the most out of your Clinical Rotation:

1. Be organized

Being organized helps by not keeping your mind busy with less important things. It’s tough to concentrate on what is being explained if you keep thinking about the errands you haven’t yet run. Try making “to-do” lists and stick with them.

In terms of medical knowledge, set goals for yourself, try to figure out what it is you want to know/be able to do by the end of the rotation. This will help you focus your efforts. A bonus to being organized and geared toward your goals is that you’ll seem like you’re actually busy, not just roaming the halls of the hospital getting in everybody’s way 🙂

2. Ask questions

The best memory aid out there is asking questions. Even if you have already read about a topic, there are always details you might of missed. Don’t hesitate to ask whatever it is you don’t understand. Ask as many as you can because people actually enjoy feeling useful and teaching you things!

3. Know your patients

Try to keep a notebook/file with data concerning the patients in the clinic. This doesn’t need to be official, just have some notes written down. This way you will always know who is who and who has what. If you’re not good with remembering names, this will certainly come in handy when you go talk to a patient. Keep notes about personal things as well, not just disease journals. If it is their birthday, do congratulate them! There is nothing worse than being in the hospital for your birthday. Try to understand what they do for a living, know how many kids they have etc.

Everyone will appreciate it if you do this. Doctors and even nurses often don’t have the time to talk to their patients, but you have more time on your hands and less responsibility. Don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to make a difference!

4. Try to assist in practical procedures

Depending on where you study, the clinical rotations can be more or less oriented towards students learning practical procedures. Knowing how to do simple procedures even as a medical student helps you in many ways:

– you lock in theoretical knowledge by actually doing the procedures you read about

– you gain confidence and motivation

– you develop reflexes. In an emergency situation you will not need to think about what to do next. It will come naturally and you won’t screw up.

5. Ask about research

Medicine would not go anywhere without research. Believe it or not, you are the future of humanity. This may sound as a bit of a burden but in fact, you and your colleagues will decide how we will be treated 50-100 years from now.

Always ask the doctors about research programs and how to get involved. You may not do an learn very much at first, but you will become open to new ideas. You will learn how to read a medical text critically to judge its value. You may even be taking your first steps towards discovering a cure for cancer. You never know unless you try.

6. Know the hospital staff

Above I mentioned learning patients’ names. It is equally important (or even more important) to know the names of the staff at the hospital. I’m not just talking about the professors and doctors. Everybody is important in a hospital. Learn the names of the nurses, accountants, janitors. Be a people person because medicine is built around interactions with others. You need everybody just as much as they need you. Be gentle and have common-sense and you will get far. Your new friends will help you along the way.

OBsESsO OBs: Part 1

Salam wbt

Alhamdulillah,hari ini(baca:Selasa,12/7) merupakan hari pertama saya memulakan tugasan elektif OBGYN secara rasmi di Hospital Kasr-El-Ainy Cairo University. Hari pertama,penuh semangat di dada! Hehe

Awal-awal pagi lagi,tepat jam 8 pagi,saya memulakan langkah menuju ke hospital. Singgah di Baghal sebentar,ambil laptop yang siap dibaiki oleh sahabat saya. Terima kasih r*h*an.=)) May Allah bless ur kindness.

After that,meneruskan langkah dengan semangatnya ke hospital.  jam 8.20pagi,saya sampai di perkarangan university. Ramai orang lalu lalang,kenderaan bertambah sesak,semput dada dibuatnya! Saya duduk di bangku hadapan masjid university yang tersergam indah,menunggu ketibaan rakan-rakan yang lain. Sambil menunggu,sempat sembang dengan seorang makcik tua yang datang dari Fayoum,semata-mata untuk pembedahan anaknya yang sakit usus katanya. Timbul perasaan sayu dalam hati,anak berumur 5 tahun,kecik-kecik sudah dibedah..no wonder I cannot be a pediatrician kot!haha

Tak lama kemudian,mak cik tu pergi. Sempat dia mendoakan kejayaan saya.ameen mak cik!Moga Allah jua permudahkan urusan hidup mak cik. Tak lama lepas tu,kawan –kawan saya sampai. Lin,Tise! Amboi,kalian semua pakai skirt labuh hari ni!hehe.macam janji ye sume orang.hehe (erk,apa kes masuk cite ni??)

Kisah Labor Room

Ok.dipendekkan cerita,kami sampai di OT  jam 9.15am. kami terus masuk dan cepat-cepat menukar pakaian scrub. Kelihatannya patient agak ramai hari ini. Ada can la tengok banyak kes hari ni.hehe. (that’s typical med student words!haha)

Usai semuanya,kami melangkah masuk ke admission ward,sempat kenal-kenal dengan nurse –nurse pelatih di situ. Walaupun tak sempat nak sembang,senyum-senyum perkenalan pun dah kira ok kan?hehe. kami masuk bilik pertama. Ada satu kes normal delivery. Saya puji doctor tu,sangat cekap buat kerja. Handsome plak tu.opss! hehe. Jeritan seperti ‘haamut’(i wanna die),mush adra(saya tak sanggup),dan pelbagai lagi versi ‘jeritan’ memang selalu kedengaran di sini. Tak henti-henti sebenarnya.saya fikir,diorang jerit-jerit berjangkit ke apa?huhu. doktor-doktor di sini nampak cool je semuanya,agaknya sudah biasa dengan jeritan-jeritan itu semua. Alah bisa,tegal biasa Kadang-kadang fikir,orang arab kan,dioang sangat tough! So,kita pun kene belajar tough macam diorang juga ye.baru lah leh survive betul2 ms kat mesia nanti kan?..=)

Usai satu kes. Saya menjenguk pula bilik kedua. C-section!menarik! sempat tengok dari awal cara-cara anesthesiologist(pakar bius) buat epidural anesthesia. Seronok! Tambah seronok sebab doctor sangat sporting,walaupun sudah bergelar MO,namun sangat BAIK dan SUDI MENGAJAR satu persatu tadi.(fikir2:kenapa saya caps lock dua perkataan tu ye?hmm) Dan semestinya he’s so funny! Tetiba terfikir,kenapa anesth sumenye cool dan ceria,sepanjang yang saya jumpa la..??

Kes C-section kali ni amat rumit sedikit. Layer ke layer di ‘incise’. Namun semuanya hairan,apasal tak jumpa-jumpa lagi uterus ni? Saya rasa semua orang cuak tadi.saya pun turut sama cuak! Panggil Attending,check punya check,rupa-rupanya ada adhesion between urinary bladder and intestine. I donno how possibly it will be?but this case was complicated. The doctors tried as hard as they can and Alhamdulillah,the baby came out normally,although APGAR score was less than 5 during delivery,but after resus,the baby breathe normally. But seriously,this case took a  long period to operate.

Kes ketiga,saya menjengah pula bilik sebelah,kes C-section juga. Breech delivery,APGAR score 9. Cuma yang complicatednya , urinary bladder perforation happen when they tried to close the abdomen. Consult urologist . saya tidak berpeluang melihat kes ini hingga ke akhirnya kerana saya terlibat dengan resus baby,bersama HO peds.-suction,inject vitamin K IM, bersihkan baby (dengan towel),check neonatal reflex,perform general examination untuk neonate .

pembedahan rumit-C/S complicated with urinary bladder perforation,major concern for genito-urinary fistula

Kes empat,kes di bilik sebelah. Kedengaran jeritan patient yang sangat kuat.kesian sangat kat patient sorang ni. Sayu hati saya melihatkan keadaan nya yang dalam kesakitan. Saya masih ingat jika di Malaysia dulu,saya pernah melihat seorang doctor mengajarkan ayat-ayat suci al-Quran dan berselawat during onset of labor.di sini,nampaknya kurang dipraktikkan amalan itu. Mungkin ada,Cuma saya yang tidak berpeluang melihatnya. Dan saya percaya amalan itu ada dipraktikkan di sini. Alhamdulillah,beberapa kali ‘push’,baby keluar dengan mudah. Cuma,yang tidak sedapnya,placenta keluar dalam keadaan yang tak ‘complete’,still having some pieces retained inside uterus. Rupa plasenta yang keluar seolah-olah darah ketul-ketul,ditambah pula dengan darah yang sememangnya membuak-buak keluar dari vagina. OB memang bloody!! Sapa yang takut darah,cuba lah jadi OB! Hehe. Jahitan dilakukan,seingat saya 5 interrupted sutures dilakukan. Buat saya terfikir-wanita,semasa onset of labor,memang sakit yang amat,2nd stage of labor,sakit meneran,3rd stage,sakit buang plasenta/uri,sakit sebab kene ‘stitch’. Allah,segala-galanya memang sakit throughout labor process. Patut la,sakit kedua selepas mati ialah sakit beranak,dan wanita yang melahirkan anak,gugur dosanya setiap kali melahirkan,dan jikalau dia mati semasa melahirkan,maka syahid la terbaik untuknya.Allahu akbar! Begitu besarnya jerit perih pahit maung susah payah mengandung dan melahirkan anak!! Tapi anak muda zaman sekarang???senang-senang je tengking mak,senang-senang terajang mak!apa nak jadi ?(geram nak kasi budak-budak macam ni tengok sndiri keadaan orang bersalin macam mana,dengan syarat tak takut darah la..kang pengsan lak tengok darah nanti)hehe

keletihan..haha(bujet letih..baru 3 jam standing straight..if 36 hours standing and working non-stop,cmne la rupe ai ye?)hehe

Kes kelima,normal delivery lagi. Alhamdulillah,kedua-dua baby dan ibu selamat. 3rd stage of labor,separation of placenta sangat mudah dan cepat for this patient. Alhamdulillah. Sebenarnya,bagi mana-mana doctor dan OB ataupun mid-wife,3rd stage yang paling mendebarkan kerana jika uri tidak keluar selepas 30 minit,risiko maternal mortality memang tinggi. Sebab tu,biasanya praktis di mana-mana Negara sekarang ni,we inject oxytocin/Pitocin at 2nd stage of labor(usually during delivery of shoulder) to help uterine contraction for easy expulsion of placenta at 3rd stage of labor.

Jam 12 tengahari,kami melangkah pulang ke rumah. Esok pastinya mahu pelajari banyak kes lagi!inshallah.

nak balik dah.bye2.sok dtg lg!=)

Target to fullfill during OB rotation

– observe at least 10 normal/breech/twin delivery, 5 C-sec

-CTG setting, CTG reading

-clerking case-means take thorough history

-abdominal palpation,plotting partogram


ok,stay tuned for tomorrow. Inshallah,hope to get a better spirit for tomorrow!need to study !

nota 1 = miss ma family!

Nota 2= plan for the summer project,hopefully it will be successful

supercharged quick study programme~Day 1

well,the tittle says it all right?

alhamdulillah,the first day of all,the great opening for the rest of the other day which 34 days to go,and i feel so happy,so enjoy with the new-refresh updated person,me myself..hehe..well,this is me,i have to make something new,something weird,something awkward to keep me boost up and make a clear flow journey towards my success.isA

early in the morning,after Fajr prayer(at 4am), i did some exercise,stretching my body,open the window,having some breakfast,the biscuits and a cup of milk.then,after reciting some versus in Quran,i started to open my book,but before that,i’ve wrote some journal about my studying,to know my progress on study.

and yes,let’s begin. today’s topic is Peds=Neonatology which i divided into 2 major categories,full term and preterm babies(+post term baby) and i highlighted some issues regarding general disorder/manifestation and local manifestation that actually quite commonly happen to both term and preterm baby. i’ve made it in a table in one paper,isa,if i have time,i will upload here.

next is Fetal surveillance and well being. i prefer to study with perinatal medicine+perinatal diagnosis. it’s cool ha when u can combine both subjects at a time.and this method i find it so so beneficial for me,cuz i wouldnt spent too much time in studying each chapter/topics. just repeat my reading session,highlighted some pictures,graph,table,summary and make a table on one paper and compare between them. alhamdulillah,i find it very amazing!

next Peds=Genetic. i think part of genetics is kind of difficult for me to understand.now i’m still thinking and trying to figure out what the best method to study genetics especially the part that i have to understand well-heterozygote,autosomal recessive,chromosomal disorder..bla..bla..bla..so,anyone who has idea on what r the best method to study it,please please share it with me ok.

well,i think i’ve to stop. see u guys!

something keep me motivated!

35 days supercharged quick study programme

yes.that it is!elhamdulillah.finally i find it!

As I’ve told before in my last post,right here,I’m gonna share with u guys what am gonna do during this programme. I took the idea from my best ever motivated yellow book “study smarter not harder” written by Kevin Paul(I bought this book at KLIA..sempat lagi rembat buku ni..haha).well,the title says it all right?

Here we go,the rules that I must obey throughout this programme,gotta be such a discipline gurl,smart and energetic gurl..hehe

The first rule,before I get started,I mean before I open my book to study, I should spent 5 minutes to jot down everything about positive words,like what am gonna be when I graduating one day?what are so special about me?wink..wink!! what are my dreams for the next 5 years?hehe.well,the point is to keep pushing ourself ahead,to know the benefit of studying smart and finally to get me inside the ‘goal’-that’s to say win a victory!hold the success!isA.

Then,with the name of Allah,open the book and study!hehe.make sure u throw out everything that gonna distract you,like music,internet..turn them off and enjoy your study happily!get drowning in it.

Well,to keep you motivated everyday,u shud have a mini book,and write down everything in it.u shud make one chapter for this programme.leave a space for about 15 pages,and updated about your projects on it daily. Well,make sure to keep it updated so that you will know what have you done,what sort of things that you ‘re not doing yet and etc..the point is,be ORGANIZE!hehe

So,I’m gonna share with you guys sort of schedule that I gonna follow for this week(the first week of this programme)

1/5 Sun=OBs=Fetal well being+Prenatal diagnosis. Peds+Neonatology+Genetics

2/5 Mon=OB=Diagnosis of pregnancy,ANC .Peds=Nutrition,Growth and development+Malnutrition

3/5 Tue=Ob=puerperium Peds=infection+immunization

4/5 Wed=OB=Emergency OB,Shock,complication 3rd stage of labor. Peds=Emergency peds

5/5 Thurs =OB,peds=CVS+respirology

6/5 Friday= OB=normal labor,malpresentation,abnormal labor.Peds=CLINICAL

7/5 Sat=OB=Maternal changes during pregnancy,operative OBS,summarize events in 3 trimester in normal and pregnancy

Wish me luck!

OBGYN posting:I’m back!


Assalamualikum wbt

Hello everyone! How r u doing?

Well,it’s been about 3 months and half I left my blog un-visited,un-updated with the new stories or whatsoever..precisely,I’m so sorry for that.gome ne~ yeah,my life become hectic day by day,I started grumbling,feeling depressed ,disappointed,keeping anger inside of me when I cant do something that I really love most-Studying effectively. haha.U know what,right now I am in obgyn posting,there’s too much to learn,a subject that made my head turned into haywire,coz it’s too too much to learn,to absorp everything at once!gosh,it really is! I still remember one of my big professor said that obs is one of the ‘bloody’ field cuz u’ll face with blood throughtout ur career either it is in little amount or big amount!it doesn’t matter.and i can’t deny that!it’s absolutely true! bloody muddy everywhere especially in the casualty,in labor room,in OR..(that’s why Islam put the women in the highest dignity of all,women who died during labor is namely shaahid right?subhanallah)

see??it very costy to do some operative procedures here?i wonder there's no subsidy for the folks here?

And elhamdulillah,I’m officially in 5th week in this rotation. But what have I done in the 4 weeks before?haha

Ok,lets do some checklist together.

  • Proper history taking?. Well,seriously guys,I didn’t take this seriously.what I know is about read books,read some journal,went to the library,study hard there.but seriously that was not smart at all,in medicine,I shud think of being with patient,hanging around at hospital,seeing so many cases..but I’m fail to do all of that.

So,started this week,isA,I will double up my energy,I will overcome all sort of laziness,whining,all unnecessary things and I will start focusing on taking more and more history taking.i’m gonna start approaching them,mingle with them,trying to be with them with all of my heart..hehe.

So,lets started with this week,5 days in a row and I will take maybe 2 cases per day.if I can do that everyday,I will get 10 sheets and I will keep it neatly in my file and on Tuesday and Thursday,I will see my supervisor and present the case to him. isA,I will do it. I’m gonna put it on the top of my list!ok.checked!

Did I observe vaginal delivery,CS,D&C,endoscopy..bla.bla..bla so frequent? Hmm,supposed in this case, I saw many many cases of CS and D&C and observed only 2 vaginal delivery!argh,I’m so lazy ok! Ok,I will charge my energy more after this. I wont be such a lazy monster gurl anymore. Do it straight! Now,I will re-arrange my schedule ,starting this week,isA,I will go to casualty 3 times per week,rightly after lecture(if I’m not attending Dr Khaled Malek class which is outside the course..but still thinking of it),and I will hanging there until 5pm maybe?ok,do your action!!!

baizura,azlin and 'cool' me..hehe at the main entrance of OT

  • Have you revised pediatric lesson?hmmmmmm….yeah,alhamdulllah,I’ve made some revision of it on certain topics that I think it’s kind of difficult to understand..hehe..i study them at university library,right after the lectures and usually I spent there for 3 hours.

So,my strategies now..i’ve actually did something that I call Quick supercharged study program.i will plan what topics I will cover this week and for each topics,I will study it together with OB.for example=CVS of pediatric+CVS pregnant mother+CVS adult+CVS fetus. I try to make comparison between those cuz I like to study in comparison way,I think it’s better to understand in that way.i’ve try it before and elhamdulillah, I can study all of them at one day and make a comparison table,mind map,some summary for those. Alhamdulillah.

me,cheerful sarah,and baizura..can u figure out where r we at this time?

  •  did u attend Dr Mahmud Salem and Dr Hisyam extra lesson everyday?hehe…secret…but I promise isA to attend their classes regularly.

                So what are you gonna do this week?

Inshallah,I will try to do my best according to the plan. I will continue taking extra class with Dr Wael Banna,he is superb great doctor. The way he describe and explaining to us about OBGYN reflects that he is well understood about this women science field. That was so awesome!! Me myself,I always think that ‘grab anything I can’ until the end of this posting which gonna be on 2nd June 2011.next I will have final year examination on 18th june(started with OBGYN) and finish isA on 10th July. Wish me luck !!

Will be updated later~my experienced in OT OBS isA

New Entry,Bad Health

Alhamdulillah.. I am now in surgical posting. The third rotation for me after internal medicine and pediatric posting. So far, this is my second week in surgery,yet I am totally sick, could not able to walk because of my fever-migraine things. It happened for a week ago,started with flu,common cold and nasal discharge.so,I was thinking that maybe I have some sort of viral infection. Then,I started with home remedy- drinking a lot of warm water, eating lots of orange..but apparently,my condition getting worst day by day.the third day, I took my temperature and finally it showed me bad result. My temp was like 38-39 degree,if I still remember. I told Sarah,and she insisted me to see a doctor but my bad luck, I refused to go. I don’t know why,maybe I’m sick of being examined by a doctor so frequent. Haha So, i made my self-diagnosis. Apart from viral infection,now it has been complicated with bacterial infection. My symptoms fit with that very well- high fever,sore throat,red and congested throat,moist cough,headache,body ache and earache! So,I just took 2 pills of panadol everyday,eventhough I hate panadol very much! Haha..but it seems getting worst! I told Aliya and she asked me to see a doctor. At least,he/she will prescribed some antibiotics for me.Amoxicillin maybe. But,as I told you,I hate taking drugs!!

And still today, I got migraine,very awful headache,pain in the jaw,dry mouth although I drank gallons of water!,cough,sore throat,sputum and nasal discharge and I think I have frontal and ethmoidal  sinusitis too…!!!oh,it’s totally getting worst and dangerous..i think I should go to the hospital tonight!! Sinusitis is a bad complication of common cold,I’m afraid it might spread to the eye or brain!nauzubillah!!

 (tu la,degil sangat..awal2 xnak pegi hospital..degil betul la!!)


(gambar hiasan)

Elective Posting Experience in HUSM

Salam wbt

Salam ramadhan

Day Two

Well,actually second day in HUSM is little bit like horrible things that ever happen to me. As usual, early in the morning,I joined morning rounds with my fellow friends. Well,tell you that I never get understand what they were discussing about. It was obvious because I don’t learn ONG yet,so I feel like something is missing,and certainly I don’t feel any comfortable about that matter. When the doctor keep staring at me and I couldn’t give her the best answer as I could,I feel like an idiot,but never mind,I’m still learning right?who cares if I cant answer the simple question like that. It doesn’t bother at all. Hehe. Besides,everyone knows that I am (especially medical student in Egypt) do not learn about Obs and Gynae yet because we’re gonna take it during year 5 and 6. and I’m not in year 5 yet,but I’ll be in year 5 this September. So, I think I wanna get some early exposures through this posting..so why bother if I feel kind of enthusiastic to grab the skills as much as I can during my elective.

Allright. I think I’m babbling too much then. Back to our story, after morning rounds,I joined the USM students for their case presentation. The case was “Heart Diseases in Pregnancy”(If I’m not wrong). Actually, the doctor asked us many questions about basic science. As I’m still remember, the question goes like this “tell me congenital heart disease,acquired HD,action of ergometrine,managemenet of ASD patient”. I feel like a crap in there.hehe..

After that,I went to labor room,nothing much I can do,just helping the nurses prepared for the labor. But I don’t have chance to set an IV line yet,but insyaAllah,I’ll try to do it. At 2pm,I went home.

Day 3

Today, at 6.30am,I arrived safely at HUSM. Nobody’s around.hehe..so,I went to the labor room,place my bag and whole my stuff there,then I follow the intern doing  CTG (cardiotocogram) to the patient who has just arrived from the antenatal ward. So, I just help the nurse preparing the stuff for deliver like dressing set, placing the suction tube to its generator(I don’t know what it is but I like call it ‘generator’),but still I don’t get a chance to set an IV to that patient. Hoho..never mind!i still have time.

Then I observed a doctor doing stiches to the mother, putting the placenta into the plastic bag,learning how to wear sterile gloves properly(sounds funny right?).hehe.well,it was such a nice experience. You never know how I’m feeling everytime the mom start to yell out and say “Ouch,I’m in pain”.the hawling,the shouting,the shrieking make me feel so sad. Because I’m a woman and I will have the same experience like them too. And when the baby comes out, my heart captured that beautiful moment,and my feelings mixed up- sad,happy,cheer..i think of my mom and my tears rolling down again…

Hot story today,one of friends conducted the delivery successfully.alhamdulillah. she’s freaking out when the doctor grab her hand and say “put on your sterile gloves and take this baby out!!”. We were so astonished at that time. The baby’s head seen clear,so we can’t refuse to delay the delivery. So,under supervision by the M.O,she did her job very well. Thanks god,the baby comes out easily,no episiotomy,no stictches to the mother. She clamp the cord and cut the umbilical cord.then doing suction to the baby. Apgar score was good. Next,taking out the placenta,check for the abnormalities or anything missing,then we put the placenta into the plastic bag then give it to the family members. I took TFT(thyroid function test) blood sample and sample for G6PD. Such a nice experience!! I cant wait to conduct the delivery by myself..insyaAllah..

After that,we’re just waiting at the labor room but seems they haven’t much cases today.so Nienke,Ti,Alia,Az,Dilah and I just keep practicing the IV line set. And hey,today I met with Akmal,med student from HUSM.such a very nice person. She’s very helpful. Always smiling and she taught on how to the physical examination(PE) to the pregnant mothers. She’s also lending me her notes about practical skills so that I can practice it when I come back to Egypt later. Thanks everyone!!

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