..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

Near the end of time..(1st series)

Near the end of time..(1st series)

Humanity is facing a severe challenge in the face of the opportunities brought by technology.Are we ready to handle much greater power?

I came across a journal magazine “the fountain” that stress upon the importance of science and tech enveloping the humanity subject..so,I wanna share with all of my friends about these topics..sharing you knowledge will reflected 1000 happines in your soul~

We’re going to explore the journey of our prophet during the past..
Fisrt,we’re gonna talk about the miracle of transportation and communication that happened during that time..As we know,nowadays,the science and tech have developed tremendously over last century and are still developing.almost everyday,we see new and improved intstrument penetrating our new lives such as nanocellular phone,internet and so on..are you out there wondering about the communication and transportation during the past century?how did the Prophet,peace be upon him,sent the Message from Allah to the people on that time?and how did He received a message from Allah?

First,we need a reliable means of transport to take our imagination to the future and to obtain accurate and useful data.Acording Said Nursi,the miracles that the Messengers of God showed and other miraculous historical event related in the Quran are clues about the future limits of science and tech.

Now,to see it how..lets start our explorace..

1. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w
Night of Ascension(Miraj)- when The Prophet s.a.w travel from Mecca to Jurusalem and from there to heavens,receiving direct revealation from God and then return to Mecca. (reference: Isra 17:1)

2. Prophet Solomon
The event which is concerned with transportation of throne of queen Sheba.It is reported that either Solomon himself or a servant of his brought a throne of a queen Sheba from a long distance in a time less than a blink of an eye. (Naml:27:38-40)

3. Ashabul Kahfi
The people of the cave are reported as the few Christians of their time who escaped the prosecution of locan Roman government.During their seclusion in a cave,they felt that they had slept for a nigh or even less.However,the Quran tells us that they slept for 300 years.(Kahf 18:9-26)~subhanallah!

So,from all these events,I mean the Miraj,the transportation of throne of Queen Sheba are related to traveling long distance in a very short time,which can be understood as the contraction of space as well.

While traveling one months over night and passage of 300 years over night are related to slowing of time,which can be interpretated as the contraction of time.

If we look at the future with the clues given in these miracles,we see that the distance in space and time will lose its meaning.
Due to high speed of transportation,the entire world will become a village-hectic life!
This fact is depicted in a tradition of Prophet s.a.w in which he says that “‘the approaching or contraction of time and space is a sign of the end of time”

to be continued..insya Allah..(Medicine and cybernetics)
~stop for a while because i wanna revise Anatomy..

The Fountain- A critical,scientafic and spiritual magazine..(Islamic magazine)..
From the Perspectives column-by Sermed Ogretim


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