..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

My Planner..

time just flies huh~its been 6 days to get off from my hectic war in my life!!cant wait to finish my exam soon and doing a lot of stuff that are waiting for me to assigned them..hehe..

these are the stuff that i need to make up  for this winter break(for 2 weeks):


1.  i got a call from c’s radin “kak tin,kitorng pilih akak jdik TKE mjlah i-man nnti..”what?”..see,i cant accept the truth that i’m going to behold that burden and hardest task in my life before..i-man,a magazine.identically presented for Medical student in Egypt..being TKE is not as easy as ABC..huhu..i dont know whether i can make it or not..hoho..but i’ll try and i’ll prove it..also with the favour from my teammates/production crew of I-Man,hope we’ll make it..(dalam hati-takpe,I-man kali ni diterajui KE yang mantap-sori ye KE!)

I-Man= Inspiring Medical Magazine

2. explore and recite Quran as much as u can!grab this chances-i have made a date with syeikhah Efat to finish my qiraat Kisai and Khalaf during this winter break..cant wait to see her again-after a while i haven’t meet her coz i’m very busy with my exam..miss her so much!

3. here we go!Seminar PERUBATAN ke-2 (Kelahiran and Kematian)- when i heard that title for the first time,i’m giggling to know it exactly!alhamdulillah,i am qualified to be a peserta seminar kali ni after working harder calling najihah(AJK Pendaftaran) for several times..give a lot of effort to put my name at the top..hehe..competing with the rest..alhamdulillah,i’ve make it!

4. thinking of books~there’s a long list that i have made it before the exams..the international bookfair has started on 21/1 and ended on 5/2..exciting!euphoric!this is what i’m waiting for..pulling a trolly-bag and get shop for books for many-many hours..drinking hot chocholate during the stroll.with a peaceful picturesque.(hah..cant wait!!)that place is so huge-even if you wear a roller blade or something,u can feel a little bit tired of it!but i never try and never ever wearing that kind of shoes there..hehe..hope i can find something better than last year!

5. i’ve planned to spend my vacation in Jordan..but i cant make it a reality as my mom never let me go through!aa..i’m crying a lot..i’m in vain..i’ve fully prepared emotionally,physically,mentally..but mother keep insisting me not to go there..coherently,she said “kakak dok jauh dah dari umi..takkan nak pegi jauh lagi..i’m afraid of u..i know my daughter very well(ape maksud umi ni?)..kalo balik malaysia,takpe jugak..dah2..keep dat money safely..save a lot!lg bnyk faedah!”..huhu..sometimes when i think of it,my mom’s right..she knows me better..she has screen out of my heart and deep in my soul as a women!yes..a single-immature-childish girl in cosmopolitan world!..and she wants me to do better in my life..”kakak ingat pesan umi ni,mase cuti ni,grab the chances in front of u..belaja ilmu agama tu..umi nak my daughter will be doctor hati gak!”..isk2..terharu..tears rolling down my cheek~

6. apa lagi..as a medical student,what should u do??STUDY..i’m gonna cover everything that end up with a messy work,uncompleted mission before..i know,i really2 dont study hard and by heart during mid exam..i’m somewhat we call~procrastinate..huhu..i’m still blurred..my reactions preceded my actions..i feel easy to get tense,worrying about small matters,hypertension sometimes..everything i did must go wrong~but i always keep them as positive manner!think positive ya!no matter what people think of me.So..what’s the deal?well, I feel that we always overlooked or missed the whole story when we are dealing with our daily life. We forget to put ourselves in other people shoes, and yet..we dare to judge them..its just so wrong!!
and remember, put Allah aside as your first rank to remember..to love..to share everything all about..insyaAllah,i cant let myself  wasting  so much time this year..i must wake up from my sweet dream..and i wanna make it to become a reality..

7. and…so much to do..everything i keep them secretly and safely in my planner books..

“kita hanya merancang..Allah jua merancang untuk kita..dan perancangan Allah adalah sebaik-baiknya..”

“Tanggungjawab lebih banyak daripada masa yang ada”-Imam Hasan Al-Banna


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2 thoughts on “My Planner..

  1. salam..hi hani…huu..u have nice blog too…enjoy reading my blog yg ntah pape…
    n gud luck my dear kt Cairo..baljo rerajen…caiyok for da coming exam …hee…nice know u too

  2. shafiq irsyad on said:

    nice planing.ala kulli hal semoga segala kerja buat us diberkati oleh Allah SWT.ikhlaskan niat kerana Allah,mudh-mudahan segala gerak kerja menjadi ibadah pada-Nya bukan hanya sekadar adat semata-mata..

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