..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

we are human too..

This morning,i strolled peacefully along the Nile River heading to my faculty. it’s almost 8am and i could see people are walking in rush,probably late for their work..the miscellaneous collection of car and buses were googled themselves in a traffic..the scenery tremendously spoilt by this bad view~sigh~..this factors sometimes lead to hypertension to the people who lives in Cairo..i couldn’t assume probably the exact time when everything will change to a healthy lifestyle?people seem dont really care about their health,neither occupied by health insurance nor not..everything will be toughest manner to change..people seem so stubborn jerk to change!workhalism overheaded everything..o world!i hate living in this cosmopolitan town!it made me sucks!


when i stepped out from the main gate of Faculty of Medicine,i saw some medical students enjoying their rolled-cigarattes..the ashes flew in the air..there’s some medical book about Internal Medicine on their side..hey guys,what are u doing?are u really a medical students who emphasize to study about human biology whether in physiology and pathology..hey,i’m also a cancer-biology student!i’m so appaled with what u’ve done!

there’s an extension of questions that often raised in the context of health care professionals: what is the importance of being healthy..we wanna make people healty and get better with their life so as they can cope with their challenging world outside..in other words-to what extent we(as a physicians) remain healthy:for whatever reason??i’m telling you the truth that if u have some medical check-ups with ur doctor and she advise you to stay healthy by not-to-do stuff and you’re going to list everything that she had said to you and you’re trying to accomplished everything to achieve your doctor’s goal!believe me..people have a great mind-setting to their doctors..they considered the physicians as an angle who come to save their life!!

so,what if the doctor who is reek of cigarrate smoke?would you follow his advice?

doctors are good at pretending..

doctors are the best actors in the world!


look. during your life as a medical student..we are at best to get the tittle “a specimen for healthy experiment”

– we always have irregular time sleep..some are nocturnal type..some are diurnal type..what’s wrong with our circadian rhytm..we have learned that sleeping lately at night was too bad for us..our brain cant do its job properly..our neurotransmitter release is stuck for sometime..and that morning,when we woke up..we felt blurred!!and we tend to continue sleeping hour at the morning instead of knowing that ‘kindheartedly’ cortisol was rise up early in the morning!as a medical student,for sure you’re already know what is the function of cortisol right?but you opposed it!you kept continuing your sleep..


– we have irregular eating habits..sometimes we often eat too much when we’re studying and eat to little when we have round rotation and so on..and we dont realized whether our food eating has adequate amount of calorie or not..there’s imbalance between food energy taken daily..you should practice to count on your calorie-avoidance of sacred master of Diabetes and Obesity..we’re going to be a doctor-an engineer to human body system..we must generate a healthy lifestyle so as when we become an energized person,its ok for us to have a long time running and rushing at ER ward!

-when we’re studying medicine..often we feel too overloaded with the information..sounds like it’s easy for us to feel asleep and going to ‘Alice in wonderland”(dream)..and to comprehend this,you take a pot of coffee as a solution..it may sounds good to you..yeah!i’m not tired anymore..but beware..long-standing drinking pot of coffee can lead you to see Mr.Diebetes Mellitus and any other complications though..


So where does it end? hoping that there was no ending though..and hoping for that our future doctors will completely solve this problem..we-our patients and us-are the same..we are human..what is the different between us is just a profession..there’s no exactly borderline that separate our patients and us..we all care to some extent about our individual healthcare..so,ask ourselves-are we gonna break the rule and ask the patient to follow all the advices that we order?the simply answer-not exactly!because we know what we’re doing is not just beyond our doubt!we,a doctor-not a perfectionist!dont blame others if you know that it was your fault..dont put your egoism preceded your moral naturality..because our patients and us are the same..patients are good teacher for us!we learn our mistake from them!

“Patients swim together with their physicians in a sea of feelings.Each needs to keep an eye on a neutral shore where flags are planted to warn of perilious emotional currents” – from How Doctors Think~Jerome Groopman MD


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One thought on “we are human too..

  1. salam. how r u doing?
    u know what, i salute ur english. its amazin!! hahahha. frankly i donnow what to say n comment here…hehe sorrry. hemm, when u said that a doctor is a good actor (pretender?) haha, come to my mind a famous saying (actually i like to use it-bad boy) among law student that is “law is made to be broken”. I always say to my fren that the law which can be broken is only man-made law, not God (ALLAH) made law. haha. “AL-ISLAMU YA’LU WA LA YU’LA ALAIH” -sorry for my broken english

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