..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..


Alhamdulillah,i’ve just finish my last paper-Microbiology today..its quite difficult actually because i dont have much time to cover all of the chapter..anything happens,i’m ready to accept it!

so,to spent my time in this winter break,i’m gonna read all of these books..insyaAllah..and i’ll go to the bookfair soon,to buy some books -perhaps not having it as only my collections,but to understand and read all of them thoroughly..

i get this book from Shorouk Bookstore-City Star.only 90L.E/15.95USD

I got this book at Shouruk Bookstore-City Star..only for 90L.E or 15.95 USD.

“How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman MD is a window into the mind of the physician and an insightful examination of the all-important relationship between doctors and their patient.In this myth-shattering work,Jerome Groopman explores the force and thought processes behind the decisions doctors make.He pinpoints why doctors succeed and why they err…

the most beautiful caption in this amazing book: “I felt the weight of the cards in my white coat pocket.Straight A’s when I was a student.Now,in the REAL WORLD,I gave myself an F”


The Story of Srebrenica-a novel about the war in Bosnia by Isnam Taljic.(i’ve bought it during last year winter break but didnt finish to read it all through.hehe..)

dsc00394The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseni(i get this book also from Shorouk Bookstore.price: 50 L.E)- is the unforgettable and beautifully told story of the friendship between two boys growing up in Kabul.it is the novel about friendship and betrayal and about the price of loyalty.it is about the bonds between fathers over sons-their love,their sacrifices and their lies…

my first audio book!!!

my first audio book!!!

This is my first audio book-The Kite Runner!I grab this from shouruk Bookstore-City Star. price:215 L.E..i enjoy listening to this book..11 cd’s included with a great sound system..read by the author itself..apart from reading this book,i also can learn how to pronounce the English very well(perhaps in American-English ascent,not Malay ascent la..)

dsc00391Minhajul Abidin-10 wasiat Imam Ghazali..this religious book is very meaningful to me..Kak Faqihah gave it to me before she left to Malaysia recently…

“amiklah buku ni..Kak Qihah wi ko atin ni..wat pembakar semangat nanti..kalo sero tak dok semangat..bukok buku ni..baca betul-betul..hadam betul-betul..Kak Qihah harap tuh..(dialek Kelantan..kalo tak paham,tanye mane2 orng Klate..)

dsc00397Must Read Book for this year~

dsc00393Mantapkan Pemikiran..Versatilekan tindakan…Sinergikan kematangan..

dsc00396Basic Pathology..medical books..cuti-cuti gak..study kene maitain and consisten..tak nak main-main dah..


Tunggu…..I-MAN 2 akan muncul tidak lama lagi..so,i have to work harder to achieve my goal-our team productions dream~to present the very best of I-Man to all warga PERUBATAN and all students in Egypt..doakan kejayaan kami.

“BACALAH dengan nama Tuhanmu yang menciptakan…”(Al-Alaq:1)

“sesungguhnya ILMU tanpa AMAL laksana pohon yang tidak berbuah”

‘EDUCATION comes first..BELIEVE in yourself”

(kredit to Lin-my beloved housemate coz bagi pinjam Sony Ericson for taking those beautiful pic..thank u very much my dear!!)


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One thought on “BookWorm~??

  1. hambaAllah on said:

    oo..ni projek dia rupanyer!!hehe..
    neway,hope sume yg diimpikan jd kenyataan..
    realize ur fantasy,dont make it just imagination..

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