..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

It’s not just a white coat..

Rising a glimpse,I raised up my eyebrows when I  saw a group of men covered by white coat along their body,walking headed toward the Kasr El-Ainy Hospital, a very well-famous hospital,built under supervision of French contractors and located strategically near the Nile River.Probably most of the people are intern,looking from their nerd,tidy appearance-with long strip necktie,hanging along with a Littmann’s stethoscope and neat-ironned white coat.

I wonder what would it be if I become an intern one day? Am I gonna be like that? I mean,nerd guy,no facial expression,monotonous person with bulky glasses? oh no! i wish i never be like that. But,believe me or not,most probably medical student will end up their life like that..this is reality,what i’ve told you just now is really happen nowadays. I think what the people say about doctor’s life is just going to be happen and its gonna be a nightmare for me..

Anything happens..all of that is just a superficial view about medical perspective..for me,the more respectful idea is that..we,the future doctors are not just hiding behind the white coat that we’ll gonna wear it someday..but,our responsibility is more than that..

Are you ready doc?

Are you ready doc?

It’s not just a white coat..of course,its not!

I’ve come across the i.e magazine,one of the best medical magazine i’ve ever read,published by Ain Shams University medical student..one of the article that aware of me myself and i wish to share it off with you..(about white coat)

okay,before we go further,i’m gonna tell you the history of the white coat..

As we all know that the white coat is a universal symbol for medical proffesion,whether it comes in long sleeved or short sleeve..well,it doesnt matter at all as it also become the famous doctor’s accessory shown in media. It really happen during the 19th century when the science technology has proggressive a lot but the medicine was’nt proggesing by the same degree. This imbalance between both fields yield an issue about ‘respectfulness’ when the scientist were mostly admired by the public rather than doctors ,which were distrusted by the people at that time.

After this critical era, the doctors then upgrading their efforts by new advancing research and methods in curing the diseases with successful rate without causing any harm to the patient. Consequently,as a result of this shining,doctors were highly preferable representing themselves to the public as well as scientist,gaining lots of trustworthy from the public and highly reputation apart from this…and started from this,the doctors trying to get the new ‘refreshment’ and well-stylish person by adopting a scientific laboratory coat as their standard dress.

You know that,at first,the coat was beige in colour and then they change it to the white one. But,in the preceding medical evolution,healthcare workers in hospitals used to wear black attirement which gave an impression of gloomy,mourning and death. They said that,hospital is the main place to die..when they look at the hospital,they think that the death is just waiting for them. But,when the advances started to enhance in medicine, hospitals were no longer known as houses for dying,but it is well known as institutions for HEALING and many of the doctors,healthworkers,laboratorist,nurses and patient themselves were taught about the quality of life and the best medicine ever were happen to be in hospital(although i’ve learned some of nosocomial infection from any of bacteria occured in hospital..huhu)..

And this new improvement change the laboratory’s coat color to the white one which symbolizes the new HOPE in medicine.

Canadian white coat

Canadian white coat

So,what’s the purpose of choosing the white? when i was a little girl,i always wonder about this white coat..and my childish thought think that,em,what if the coat change to the pink one or budding some patterns on it-not just as plain as usual..haha..what a nice idea!

White,symbolizing the purity,sincerety,goodness,kindness,trusthworthy and cleanliness. It’s also resembles the respect and seriousness of the purpose- slight barrier between the doctor and the patient as the patient will throw confident and high respect to the doctors. I also have experience in this part when i’ve done my elective course during last summer at HUSM,wearing white coat is something made me feel not easy with it-because,all people that i met in the hospital think that i’m a doctor instead i’m just only a 3rd year medical student!

The funny thing was i’ve told by the patient about her problem in breast and she had show me an X-ray(i’m not quite sure,do we call it mammogram or what?) about it..i felt pity of her and said that everything will be okay!but she hit me back saying that,”are you a really good doctor?”. I panicked at that time and so I asked her.”why are you asking me like that?”.

She said,with sober and tearful drops rolling down her cheeks “most of the doctors said that i have 3 months to live in this world”. Oh My Lord! she’s got end-stage cancer!how i’m not notice about that!easy-because i’m not qualified as a doctor yet and i’m not studying radiology yet,that’s why i can’t find any lesion  at the breast ! and apart from that, i tried to reach some doctors there and asked them about X-rays! Thats why i told you..people always has highly respect for you when you’re wearing white coat even if u’re 1st year medical student!

People usually think that wearing a white coat makes a doctor seem cold and insensitive,but i think it’s not true. Different people,different style. It’s all depend on the attitude,behaviour and the soft skill that shown up by the doctors. The doctor in white coat can still be warm,friendly and empathetic. But,some patients can’t accept this(i wonder why they’re too obsess with this white coat!). They refuse to have a service with groups of doctors wearing white coat!Believe it or not,we have a condition named ‘white coat hypertension’.For this reason,some paeditricians and psychiatrist have abandoned its use. See that,the doctors will sacrifice everything to their patient..haha!

White coat hypertension is a phenomenon in which patients exhibit elevated blood pressure in a clinical setting but not in other settings. It is believed that this is due to the anxiety some people experience during a clinic visit.~wikipedia

To end this up, its not just a white coat,doctors are responsible to the patient,no matter what happens,and some goes Hippocrates saying-do not harm..hope this phylosophy will pierce and stored in my mind forever. The most important thing in medical career is the quality of the interaction between the doctors and the patient as a whole. Treat the patient as a human being and not  just a case! Because the doctor’s major role is to improve the quality of patients life either with or without the WHITE COAT!


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2 thoughts on “It’s not just a white coat..

  1. dr noura on said:

    what a nice idea, wearing pink coat in hospital!hee..
    however,thinking rationally, that’s possible,as we,as doctors, will look nice n happy treating our patients..so, they will happy n cure from their disease more rapidly..=)

  2. izzrawda on said:

    hehe..lin..tq so much!
    ya! its really cool ha! why not we just try to put in pink coat when we are doctors one day!hehe
    just kidding!i’m afraid if the patient might misinterpret us-between doctors and nurses..and so,it’s quite funny if the male doctors wear pink coat!!haha

    so,whatever it is..what’s the matter most is that our intention when we’re doctors one day!niat utk tolong patient and berbakti for them..and for Islam especially!
    so lin!jom..fight for the challenge!hehe

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