..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

Ready Doctors??

During last Friday, together with my team, we settle up the medical checkup routine for the Malaysian student in Cairo. It was held in Malaysian Hall,as a part of activity during Asean Bazar 2009. Our teamleader was Kak Bid who is 5th year medical students at Ain Shams University. We were so excited at that time,especially me myself! This is what i’m waiting for ! I took it as a challenge for me- to do better in my practise apart from what have i learnt during theoritical session.

Our team were divided by 3 groups and for each groups,2 person might be in charge of it. I took Blood Pressure test which is somewhat tough for me to do it profesionally..but i dare the challenge! The other two groups were responsible to do Blood Glucose test and BMI test. The members were Kak Fizah, Kak Bid,Qiqi,Fizah,syarfa’ and me!

By 2pm,we started our job as ‘medical doctor’..

At first,i felt panicked when using the sphingmomanometer for the first time after the last time I’ve handle it when i was in 1st year.

“Why I can’t hear the sound?”, I asked myself,while my hand kept searching over the antecubital fossa for the sound of blood flow after compressing the brachial artery. Unfortunately,i can’t palpate it properly. I smiled at the patient with lots of question coming from my mind. Once again,i took her permission to do that test for twice,but hopelessly,i can’t hear nothing!Poor me! What should i do in this situation?

I called my friend,Fiza. She comes toward me and convey a beutiful smile to my patient and me. “Whats going on here?”,she asked,undoubtly! “I cant palpate her artery..it made me sucks!”,I told her,whisperly. She then doing the same test to the patient and quite surprise,she can palpate it easily without feeling doubtly about that. So impressive!

“Whatever you do,have confident in your soul!”,she advised me nicely. I just nodded my head and started to behave like the usual way i am-without feeling down-hearted or what,although for some reason,i think i’m the foolish person to be on that day!but, i persuaded my heart to think positive about what had happened! Practice makes perfect! And then,with the God will, my spirit had flared up! I feel overconfident then!

In the name of God,the Most Gracious and Most Merciful, I started the procedure to my next patient and alhamdulillah,I can make it for this time,like a Nile River flowing easily ,its too happened for me today. Everything going smoothly. After taking the history,i started to do the test and after that,i advice my patient to control her diet if the blood pressure will predispose to Hypertension(HTN) and also if the patient had low blood pressure,i advice the patient to take adequate and healthy diet in their life and also,i took the history of allergy and drugs that they have taken before.This is important during history taking session to mention all of these things.

Apart from this,i have learned something that’s too meaningful for me- Confident and Love. Take a moment and think deeply about what are your true passion in this life? True happiness is in doing what you really love and feel at soul. Our studies get us closely with the miraculous work of Allah,that is to say that our bodies are created in amazing way! God has created everything in our system for a reason. God gifted us with brain because we are so special and with functioning brain,great achievements are highy possible!

All creation and inventions are made for a reason and purpose. Actually,an honorable reason:because we’re human being,an extraordinary creation.whether your purpose in life suddenly hits you or you search for it,all what matters is that you believe in it,have faith and work on it with passion,love and confident!

So, learn from our mistakes. Sometimes,people have very good achievement in their life due to mistakes that they have done before. so,don’t blame on yourself when you’ve done some mistakes. Accept them and correct them in purpose manner. And for me, I like to accept it as a CHALLENGE !!

Be a good person, another person will do something good for you!!

this place i used to sit and perform my job..

this place i used to sit and perform my job..

akak..sempat lagi posing ye!:)my partner job

akak..sempat lagi posing ye!:)my partner job

waiting for my next patient..mane white coat?owh..tak perlu..it's not just a white coat..it is more than that..

waiting for my next patient..mane white coat?owh..tak perlu..it's not just a white coat..it is more than that..

"berape normal blood glucose?"..

"berape normal blood glucose?"..

pamphlet yang tersedia sbg bhn bacaan while waiting for the next station..

pamphlet yang tersedia sbg bhn bacaan while waiting for the next station..

* how I wish to join MERCY or any other foundation to do some charity work like this,especially Islamic foundation,to help Muslim and cure the disease with the help from Allah..insyaAllah,I hope i can achieve my dream~”

*special thanks goes to my team members for their effort to make sure that everything will be allright..congratulations guys!!


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2 thoughts on “Ready Doctors??

  1. nurani on said:

    bestkan bila kita dapat praktikkan apa yg kita dah belaja..plus..theory n practical are 2 different thing..semoga berjaya fatin^_^ rabbana yusahhil=)

  2. salam ziarah..bestkan budak medic,kebanyakannya ad
    ada bercerita pengalaman sebagai pelajar medic..wonderful
    wonderful experience..well nice blog n content.
    moga jadi sehebat ibnu sina..

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