..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

Exam mood~

salam aleik.. semoga ceria-ceria sokmo ye!

emm,currently i am in exam mood!dunno what to say! everything i do,i always think about the exam..the 3rd year is the worst and horrible year in my life~ why? coz i’ve done so many many mistakes during the whole year..what mistakes?? emm,sorry cant tell you guys,but what is exactly known is that i have a bad habit in managing my time..

during the early semester of 3rd year medical school,i’m too busy with extracuricullar activities-society, extra class, Quranic classes, Fiqh class and so many more 😛 . its funny then when somebody asked me about how i manage my time wisely(konon la!),but instinctly,i’m not like that..beyond everyone’s expectations..me too..as a human,always can’t escape from doing fault and this same goes to me..i know its impossible for me to turn back and started again my own life easily-without hectic lifestyle..but this is ME~me like to have something that we call ‘challenge’..and in fact i am easily feel jealous to the person’s surround me who has great achievement in their life,who has high performance in their study and who rather got highly expectations from someone else..hehe..

but now i aware of myself..that i have to stand up for the second! i don’t have to give up easily without pushing my effort to get highly success that i adore! i have to! i must!! i always remember this quote “when you study hard,memorizing a lot,sometimes you sick of it-you’ve remember that learning the HIGHEST creature of Allah is never easy!”

by then,keep moving of ME! the battle is just get to start! so,dont worry..

em,what about my prep till now? still dreaming?still enjoying?still net-surfing??hehe..

recently,i googled some of study material of my medical subjects on the internet..and it was really2 amazing! how i wish to end up reading my stuff and started to make a mind map which is very2 useful for me..and I wonder why..maybe this is the best way of me to study medicine very well..and keep that phrasing-memorizing – away from my life! i don’t like memorizing some fact which is ‘loaded’ to me actually..i like something light..easy and simple..and thats why,before memorizing some topics,i have to screen all through the topics and i’ll make a mind map of that..and then,i’ll memorize and alhamdulillah,it helps me a lot!you may even think that you wanna make hundreds of mind map then..and my professor of Microbiology  always advice us to study using mind map- he kept saying – “UNDERSTAND and MEMORIZE”..

this is i don’t like me myself very much- lately,i always take a pot of coffee before i started to study..i think i’ve addicted to it! i dont know the reason why..but i should stop drink it gradually to avoid peptic ulcer ! but you know..caffein is a stimulator for CNS..it makes me aware,conscious,anxiety, increase the alertness  and when i read something,it was easy to understand it! the funny thing is that,i have told my family that drinking coffee will lead you to DM(as it increase lipolysis),also it’ll lead to peptic ulcer and so on!but then, me myself,keep drinking it almost every night.i dont know how much the amount of sugar that i take..perhaps,i’ve to make a glucose test for myself..

irregular time sleep-ah,its just happen to me by now! sometimes,when my adrenaline is rising up,i feel like to stay up the whole night but when i got depress or something,i feel to sleep the whole night!haha- am i have bipolar disorder??

all right now..sorry for this ‘wasting post(yg ntah ape2 ni)..but seems i’m too terrible with my life right now,sory to drop by the entry like this..hope i’ll success in my exam soon! Pray for me..

man jadda wa jada~


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