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dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

Journey to HUSM-persoalan?

salam aleik

Anyang haseyo?

Khas to my juniors and friends- Medical student in Egypt

This entry regards to my junior’s thought. They were  asking me about the attachment thing during summer holiday soon. Ok,i’m going to explain deeply about that dear!Dont worry k!

An elective courses or simply we call ‘attachment’ is one of the advantages for us during medical school life. It is not compulsory for each student to do that unless they’re willing to get the better practise during their job life in the future.

From my experience, regarding this courses,i got a very fascinating experience through this. I learned about communication skill with the patient,trying to understand their feeling,their sickness and put the empathy inside our heart that there’s no huge barrier between us. We are all the same. I’ve meet the Chinese and Indian patient also and they were so co-operative with us as long as we wanted to take their history and clerk the case. It was fun though! And please don’t forget that you’ll be dealing with the patient from multiracial and different gender also. I’ve asked by the doctor there to make some palpatory method to the male patient(around 25 years). That was impossible for me to do so at that time. I refused to do that but the doctor insisted and advised me to do so! I still remember that she said,when you’re a doctor, please put in your mind the word ‘humanity’. Meaning that,treat the patient at the same level,dont feel irritate to treat male and female patient.They are patient! They need you as a doctor! But as long as you know that you treat them based on Islamic regulations and shariah. I was speechless. Because of my attitude just know,the doctor double the task for me- doing palpation and ECG method to that guy! Ah,poor me~

Dear adik,

Buat attachment memang fun dan menyeronokkan,but kalau kene pada tempatnya lah. People will like you if you like them so much! Give you full attention to each word that your doctor said. Banyakkan bertanya and for sure he will ask you more after this.hehe..but its ok,we learned from our mistake right? Put highly anticipation
from what you’ve done. You need a high energy and stamina to do this-bayangkan dulu akak stat ‘keje’ jam 8pagi untill 4pm,during Ramadhan. Ah,it was so so so tired! Moreover,if you took in charge for the Opthal ward..lagi la penat..penat menunggu patient,sebab patient tak de sangat. Finally,akak pergi ke klinik mata HUSM and meet lots of patient and doctors there,ada doctor from Yaman,Iran,Mesir pun ada..apa lagi,i started to speak Arabic with them,and believe me,all doctors and stuff nurses there will be proud of you!hehe. Gunakan kelebihan yang ada,people will not smack you down.hehe

Dokumen yang diperlukan:(HUSM and any hospital)

1. syahadah rasmi universiti- yang telah ditranslate ke English version. You can get this from Syuun Tolabah

2. Surat rasmi kepada Pengarah Hospital,lengkap lampiran syahadah,salinan kad pelajar.Dalam surat tu,kita kene tulis department mana yang kita nak.

these document for doing attachment based on nursing-patient care-maksudnya,doktor dan head nurse akan tunjukkan and ajar clinical skill yang mudah-mudah dan basic based on what we’ve learnt during pre-clinical year.

All of the above based on pengalaman akak kat HUSM. Hospital lain lebih kurang sama rasanya.
Kursus elektif ni memakan masa selama dua bulan,but kalo nak kurang pun tak pe. But,i rather advise you guys to choose department yang ada banyak case.

My suggestion:

ER/A&E(kat sini really2 fun,akak sampai nak pengsan tengok patient yang kene MI and baby yang kene seizures. I have seen MI patient yang di’treat’ oleh doktor from the start until the patient healed. Suka tengok doktor-doktor cekap dalam buat kerja. I wish to be Emergency specialist la..sebab dia mencabar and very tough!)

ONG(but its better to be in labour room for a week or two..learn the procedures during normal labour,emergency normal labour,C-section and so on..and who knows,luck besides you,boleh sambut baby dengan tangan sendiri coz akak difahamkan di Malaysia,medical students dah boleh sambut baby and can be a leader to handle the situation)ni pun satu pengalaman menarik juga..learning about miracle of life here..

Medical department– macam-macam kes penyakit ada kat sini. TB,Hepatitis, Denggi,PID(pelvic inflammatory disease),asthma and so on-related to Pathology. Dont miss to have a round session with doctors and medical students there at 8am in the morning. Dont shy to ask them lots of question. InsyaAllah,doktor akan membantu dan ajar kita. But,better to introduce yourself before you started conversation with them.

these are the top 3 choices that i recommended to you. yang lain-lain boleh pilih sendiri. but then,after you’ve finish your courses, adik kene buat report based on what you’ve learned during your attachment and hantar pada your person in-charge. I think they will asess you!hehe.so,tunjukkan kebolehan medical student from Egypt. you can do it!!

Whatever you do,pasang niat lillahi taala,selalu tajdid niat. Elakkan daripada riya’,sombong dengan public.Accept everyone seadanya. Belajar betul-betul.Jangan persia-siakan peluang ini. Hope we’ll become Muslim doktor and gegarkan industri perubatan negara nanti. InsyaAllah!!

(kalau nak tengok gambar,dipersilakan datang rumah akak,tak bleh attach kat sini,bahaya..sebab banyak gambar akak sorang-sorang..hehe)


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2 thoughts on “Journey to HUSM-persoalan?

  1. ehhehe.. am i among those juniors who keep asking? Hahaha.. well, i think it was only once.. 😛

    Hadeih, to read it from here, i dont feel like going anymore.. better stay at home.. ngehs2.. but honstly, the benefits are “greater”. We dont lose anything, but for sure we gonna get something. ~the decision should wait, oral exams come first. Huh, any tips for this oral exam kak? hehe..

  2. Salam Fatin…
    konpius pulak akak kejap..
    Fatin ni tgh exam ke tgh buat attachment kat HUSM?

    apapun all the best la utk anything. Nampak dari cerita kat atas tu you are confident enough …

    yes.. show your ability and use your advantage in any situation sure everybody will look high on you.

    Cuma, kat sana memang female doktor examine female patient je ke? Memang seelok2 nya gitu la.. cuma condition kat Malaysia ni tak sampai gitu lagik. hakikatnya bila jadi doktor (kalau nak praktis kat malaysia la) kena tahu semua… male and female have different anatomies..right?

    Penyakit pun sikit sebanyak lain jugak bergantung pada anatomy tu.. bila tahu male, lain differential diagnosis dia, female lain pulak differential diagnosis dia.

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