..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

My Bad Day!

Today is my bad day! although I’m catching flu right now,but no matter what,I still wanna say that today is my bad day ever! Huhu

Today, I went to outpatient clinic in Cairo University Hospital. It wasn’t me who want to seek a treatment here although I’m catching with bad flu(huhu..poor me),but I want to complete my task in Community Medicine round(I have 2 more rounds to complete my 4th year in school of medicine.insyaAllah). What did I do today actually? Well, as usual,this is the second time I’m doing the same task- find at least 2 patients and ask them about their medical history,family history related to medical view and measure their blood pressure. Cool..was it?hehe.

Well,today seems like the other day too,but I managed to get 6 patients at one time. All of them are women around 30-40 year old. I did all the task that has been given by a doctor. Alhamdulillah . you know what,today someone has actually caught my attention. A young lady with orange outfit from top to toe came to see me. I smiled at her and she asked me to take her BP(blood pressure). I said ok and I did what she asked me to do.Calmly,I press my stethoscope on her arm,(actually I press it onto the brachial artery which lies medial to biceps tendon). From that moment,I can say that she was lonely. Her eyes told me everything. After I’ve done, I told her that she has slightly increase in blood pressure(hypertension). She didn’t understand what I’m talking about. I tried to explain to her about her condition but she didn’t understand what I’m saying,even a word! Oh world,I wanna cry at that time! She apparently live in rural area in upper Egypt,of course her language is little bit different from usual. I tried very hard to make her understand,but I couldn’t do so. So,in this situation,I guess,maybe my Arabic is very poor or maybe she didn’t use the standard language that people in here usually do! Frankly speaking that I really wanna cry at that moment. Oh,I hope I better not to have that kind of patient during my clinical examination soon..because there’s a huge communication barrier between me and her!and finally it will effect my result!nauzubillah..

So,what happen afterwards? I know I have to make my pateint in a calm and unstress situation,but she tried to explain to me every detail about her history. I waited for her and pull my ears,listening attentively to what she’s saying. You know what, I lost my breath!haha.and at last, I get the point from what she’s saying,even it was too little,not too much,but at least,I try my best right? I feel so relieved then. And I can take a deep breath now. Hehe..it was so challenging! You can never expect patient to understand you otherwise you have to understand them first,even there was a huge communication barrier between you and your patient,but it’s not a big deal at all!live with it! Accept it as a challenge for you-as I’m always remind myself that my big challenge is waiting for me throughout my career as a doctor soon(insyaAllah). If you just easily give up with this small challenge,easily I say that you’re a coward person,you’re so afraid of challenge and you’re just give up of your life! Allah has give us a chance through this field,He gives an opportunity for us to be closer to the people as a physician,so,why must we just give up? Think about it!

So,what I’m going to do now? Accept the truth that I cannot speak in Arabic fluently without doing anything that will change my weakness? I have to change as the chances to be a great doctor are open widely to me . so,here are the simple list that I’m trying to do continuously everyday.

1. spend 15 minutes a day to speak in Arabic in front of the mirror,just in case to improve my articulation and feel the ‘sense’ of each word that I say.
2. memorize 10 new words each day and recall what I have just memorize before
3. try to speak Arabic with my friends or with my Egyptian friend,Sarah (Sarah,she’s very supportive and she tries her best to teach and speak Arabic with me. you know what,her English is incredibly good-just like American..haha)
4. spent more time with Egyptian patient whether in outpatient clinic or the other ward
5. if I have a free time, I should go to the hospital and meet the patient,staff nurse,hospital staff there and try to communicate with them in Arabic as well as I can learn something new about medicine-clerk case,tagging a doctor! Be proactive!(like Abg Faizal said,my senior who I admired his spirit a lot!!thanks Abg Faizal!)
6. attend Arabic class (maybe in the Summer),but actually I don’t think that this might help me a lot,because most Malaysian student here are quite comfortable to take Arabic class in one group just for Malaysian. Yeah,its true that they’re learning Arabic but after the class is over,they turn to speak Malay with each other(not all of them actually doing this) for me,it’s not quite effective. Speaking of my experience,I have actually took Arabic class at Markaz Nil during summer ago,and it was really fun bcause I’m the only Malaysian there and I have lots of friends from Russia,China,Japan,turkiye and we tried our best to speak with each other in Arabic eventhough I used to talk with them in English.haha! so,is it effective for me to take Arabic classes? I think not..

So,these are the things that I should do constantly to achieve my goal-speak Arabic fluently(standard Arabic I mean as well as slang Arabic) and I want to improve my readings of Arabic book(kitab2 I mean..). but,most important point is that,when I wanna be pro in Arabic language,I have to love this language very much,put my sense of loving towards it as Arabic is a Quranic language as well as Jannah(heaven) language. And our Prophet p.b.u.h used to talk in Arabic with the people(ummah).

Well,speaking about language,it never comes to an end. Day by day,the world has become so challenging,that’s why we have to make up ourselves with lots of languages. Languages connect the people around the world. It shares everything with the people surround us. Its not just happen to be a verbal communication,but also it can be part of non-verbal communication like body language. So,it’s a matter for us to have a skill in empowering many languages in our lives. Like one of the Sahabah said “ people who can talk in different language will not easily been cheated”. And Imam Syafiie advised us to learn Arabic as much as we can! So,what are we waiting for? Start working guys!!

but hey,I realized lately that I’m in love in Japanese language. Hehe..and uptil now,I’m try to learn few words in Japanese and I have actually make some friend from Japan through the internet. Actually,I love their food too-sushi,nigiri and so on..and I try to google them out from the internet and try to cook them..hehe.

so,as a conclusion, an early bird catches the worm- that means when I started to work harder of what I’m gonna do as early as possible and I put down my strategies on it,and I follow the rules that I make it my own,insyaAllah,everything will be easy and clear then,so that I can achieve what I want to do in my life.

Note : salam Maal Hijrah to all Muslims out there

Note 2 : I went to Internal Medicine ward today at Cairo University New teaching hospital after I’ve finished my lecture. Pity to see many patients who were in severe state. Pray for them to get better soon!!

Note 3 : Pathology,Microbiology and all stuff during my preclinical year has gone away easily like that! Owh,I hate to recall them back! (tu la,sape tak suruh study btul2)now, I have to manage my schedule very well in order to catch back all the stuff that I learned during my pre-clinical year..owh..i need pot of coffees!!

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