..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

ComMed lagi..

Last Thursday, I’ve skipped one lecture at 10am. Owh, I really had bad things happen to me all through this week. I’m not totally well,I’m not that as fit as a fiddle. I’m easily caught by  flu,cough,fever(that was called ‘endemic fever’ by my collegue),diarrhea,persistent headache,backpain,nausea and so and so..huhu..gosh,what am I gonna do now? I don’t know what exactly happen to me! my mom told me that I’m supposed to see a doctor. Oh.mom,please,I do like to see doctors when I’m getting sick,but here,in Egypt..please..i don’t want to see them,its not like I’m afraid of them or what,but I’ve got past-eperienced dealing with doctors here long time ago,which  I supposedly cant tell you the reasons of why I’m not interested seeing them..sorry,can’t tell you guys!

I’m gonna share something precious with all of you. It was all about during last Thursday,eventhough I skipped the ‘Environmental Health” lectures,but I went to the practical classes during the evening. I have to be strong.when I rolling down the street,heading to my faculty,all of a sudden,heavy-flash wind ‘splash’ onto me horribly that it makes me fell down .owh,its so windy day! I cant stand with that weather..sooner,I caught by flu for countless time!!poor me!

When I stepped into my classroom,I ’m quite shock actually to see all of my buddies were there. I caught my breathing,I’m gasping for air actually ! I felt pathetic and kind of loser when I walked down and headed to the bench at the last row! Something that I hated very much!i’m not that kind of loser!Oh,didn’t everyone see that I was sick at that time?huhu..

Within a minute,our doctor came into the class and nourished us with a very good ‘supplement’ for that day-our lovely presentation! Throughout this session,we’re gonna have to do some role play(kinda acting stuff),talk show(like in TV show),seminars and so on. I also participated in some acting role-play on that day. I was acting as a doctor-gynaecologist I mean,specifically. Huhu..it was terrible acting stuff! I don’t want to do it anymore.

Here are some conversation between me and my friend(acting as a patient). You can see some parts that my doctor sometimes interrupt and correct my mistakes(there’s a lot actually),but for our good sake,we should be open minded and try to learn from the past,ok?

Me : please have a seat,Mrs Mona,nice to meet you. How do you do?

Mdm: I’m fine,thanks.(smile)

Me: ok,mrs Mona,I’m Dr Fateen,you’re attending for today. Let me know if you have something bad happen to you?

Mdm: doc,I got nausea,vomit..bla..bla(all signs and symptoms of first week of pregnancy)

Me: ok,lets take some details about you background,ok? What is ur name..bla2(history taking)

Now,mrs mona,I think this is a good time for you to have some examination. I’m gonna measure your BP,temp,pulse,heinght,weight and so on. And I’m gonna take your blood sample and urine sample . they’re important for your health status and to be sure that u’re preagnant anyway.(smile..always smile)

After 30 minutes..(i said it..literally i mean)

Me : allright,Mrs Mona,lets see what we’ve got here. Here’s your test result..

This time,I read all about her test and sometimes used jargon word like-you are rhesus positive,you must control your diet to avoid obesity and hypercholesterolemia. My doctor advised me not to use all kind of jargon phrase when dealing with patient! Ok,check that out!!

And also,during my talking session, I used to speak about all the stuff of antenatal care(ANC)- what mom’s should do during  gestation period,what kind of proper nutrient that mom’s should have,what are the common complications that mom’s usually have and so on..having for a conclusion that the messages that I sent to my patient is ‘pending’ because the way I convey my messages is so hard to digest actually,even me myself do not understand what I’m talking about.haha!

So,my doctor(assistant professor), kindly correct my mistake and re-act the part that I massively done with mistakes!haha

So,for a conclusion,I summarized what my doctor said about having ggod communication skills with your patient!remember,treat your patient very well,they are human being,not a machine or whatsoever!

always greeting them with a smile, greet them with salam

practices good rapport with your patient

listen attentively what you ‘re patient going through

try to feel the agony that they have

avoid jargon phrases-use simple phrases when talking to them,but beware,nowadays,patients sometimes are somewhat more knowledgeable rather that doctor itself in diseases that they have. So,respect your patient with lots of knowledge about their diseases. We,as doctors have to learn lots of diseases,treatment,drugs and we don’t even get time to memorize all of that unless if we just specify to one common disease. So,in this case,the patient is concern more about their disease and they just google in from the internet and everything just there-pathology of diseases,treatment,prevention and so on. Somehow,they believe more in Dr Wikipedia rather than the other doctors in the real world.it’s weird huh?

Making them comfortable as you can. Always ask their understanding and ask them kindly to repeat what have you just saying to know whether he is really understand or not.

Ok dokie! That’s all …sharing is caring! Thanks a lot Prof Dr Sylvia! I miss you so much!!

Note : it’s already 3 am,I’m gonna go to bed now..

Note 1 : congrats for my friends who have their wedding last two weeks,Rohani and Syazwani. May Allah bless all of you and may have little cute baby and ‘solehah; children!


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