..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

i’m back~alhamdulillah

Uhuk..uhuk! what’s all these?dusty everywhere..oh look..the gigantic cobwebs scattered all over my page..can’t you guys see that??hehe.well,anyway,pretend that you can see them! Its just my imagination to what really happen to my blog. I happen to call ‘blog-cleaning services’ to clean out all the dusty stuff of my blog page. Hehe..in fact,I’m the one who make up all these troubles to be happen. Sorry guys, its been a long time for me not organize my page very well. Well,once again I told ya that I don’t write that often since I’m deprived of a decent internet connection at my cute house(perasan!)whenever it was, I used to go to cyber café outside which considered about 50 meter from my house. Owh,its totally burden me out! Imagine that I have to go back and forth just to use internet,one big lousy thing in my life actually!it nonsense anyway.hehe..

I’m trying to understand me myself exactly. Lately,I’m trying to escape from everything that totally distracted me. the easiest example is that- marital things. I’m so cold about this,people. Yeah,eventhough my parents urge me to talk about this, I totally damn refuse to talk about it! I don’t know,may be I’m not too interested to discuss about this matter.well,my daddy told me that I behave like a young girl. “honey,you’re already 22,but what’s the matter with you,always refusing to talk about this stuff”,said my dad when I called him last week. Yeah, I know and I’m sorry about foolish things that I’ve done. You know what,my parents act like a skilled detective. They know everything what’s happen around me,what are the events that gonna happen this winter break and so on. I realized that I couldn’t hide anything more from them. The far I go,the more closer they are!oh,how naïve is that!huhu

Being an eldest daughter in my family is something not good enough for me actually.hehe. why I said so? Well,my parents has set up everything for me,about my career,my life,my soulmate and so on. It seems that all of these stuffs have been regularly restricted under one legislation of my family member. Yeah,for the all sake,I appreciate for what they have done to me but from the other view,I feel like I’m an innocent person who stuck in a prison and trying to get free of myself from all these obstacles. Yeah,my journey is too long! I bet that! But now I realized,being controlled by parents is not something that ridiculous but I’m happy to be under their supervision eventhough I’m 22 right now. If anyone ask me who’s the person I love most? I will answer,Prophet pbuh and of course my dad and my mom!besides,no one can challenge the purest love that they give it to me! because of them, I’ll be able to stand here and walk through my path and pursue my dream to become a very2 good doctor.

so,always keep in a track and know that Allah is always by my side~

Note : i wrote this post as a warm welcome for this blog as i’m not writing anything here since 3 months ago!it was too long right??

Note : i’m in ENT posting right now,so,i’m going to update everything about my courses in here.so,stay tuned!haha!

study hard!ganbatte!


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