..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

Blossom day!!

Salam wbt

When I was busy writing some article,I can’t think of my poor blog..i haven’t write anything since too long ago..and it seems unorganized blog for ever..i can’t think of one day when I’m totally out of busy person,I can’t hardly writing or sharing something precious with the people out there..owh,how come it wil be possible??

So,tonight,I’m barely try to remain constant in writing and hope it will turn out to be something nice to share with.well,I’m quite busy lately-I mean,my life as a med student is getting hectic everynow and then. It’s totally burden me out,and finally,I can’t handle of myself,yet,I kept falling in sick,got headache,common cold,vomiting,insomnia and some sort of common diseases that usually happen among med students..haha..i’m not sure whether it’s  true or not,but usually it always happen like that..

ENT posting

Alhamdulillah,I’ve just finish my ENT(Ear,Nose and Throat) posting and officially ended on 7 April which  it was my end-posting exam for ENT. Oh,how I love to see lots of my beloved professors again. They’re so kind and helpful.the’re too charismatic,energetic and full of spirit. And also bunch of appreciation to all my colleagues in Group C –clinical classes..thanks for sharing every beautiful moment together..

again,thanks to my lovely-dovey  Mr.’otoscope’.it’s too worth for me actually because everytime i went to the clinic,i’ll use it maximally;holding an otoscope and insert a speculum in the ear canal and saw magically tiny little ear drum and parts of middle ear mucosa,it was tantalizing!!Subhanallah..for every part of His creation,even a minute things like ear drum,ossicles,eyelashes,they are all have their own function and it told us that human’s body is absolutely mesmerising originally creatures that is created by God..

it’s quite sad to say ‘goodbye’ to Mr Otoscope.he he..but to reminisce the previous moment,i usually hang it over my study table as one of my inspiration and booster dose for me when i study,together with my stethoscope,whitecoat,my aneroid sphygmomanometer and my pen light! I arranged it in a row and put all of them on my table,so as when i study,i can get the feeling of being a doctor and i enjoy doing that!(what a weird imagination i have..haha)

oh again,how I love to be in ENT outpatient clinic again!

I can’t stand with Dr Osama’s cute smile.hehe..owh,actually,it’s not my main topic here..hehe..but,I still remember when he taught me on how to use and hold the otoscope  easily and how to perform a test for facial nerve paralysis patient..yeah,it was definitely awesome!!

and same applause goes to Dr Mahmud,who I admire most..i like his style on examine the patient-what can I say..hmm,he’s too caring about his patient and so,he’s mainly put lots of empathy towards the patient.that’s why it took so long when he examine one patient to another! I’ve standing there,watching what was he doing for about 2 hours and half!! It was freak me out!haha..

Here are some questions about my end-posting exam..so,for those med student out there,feel free to answer them.

Cases 1

A 5 year old boy presented with inability to hear satisfactorily.the problem had been present for at least 6 months. On examination,both tympanic membrane were dull,retracted and with reduced mobility.

-what is the most likely diagnosis

-what audiological tests would you request

-what are possible causes for this condition

-what are the sequale if the case is neglected

-how to treat this child

Case 2

A 32 year old female complained of bilateral nasal obstruction which was nearly persistent and complete for the last 4 months.On examination,there was multiple large masses pale in color and covered by intact mucosa filling both nasal passages.

-what is the most probable diagnosis

-what are the sequale of bilateral nasal obstruction

-how to investigate

-how to treat

Opthalmology posting

Hey,guess what?today is the first day of my Opthalmology session. It’s totally amazing ! I went to the ward at 8 0’clock in the morning,and when I reached ward 16,I  met  Raf and Asyraf. And together we went to the main hall and check for the group list. Malaysian student is actually divided into 2 major groups and I’m in group number 2. our class is in the ward itself,so everytime I wanna go to my class,I will  cross the ward and I’ll see lots of patient there.it is cool,isn’t it?hehe..yeah,I love this kind of arrangement,because everyday you’ll see the patient and apparently you’ll updated by a new cases everyday. It’s fun and enjoyable!!

So,when I reached my class,I chose to sit at the front,making me easily to have an eye contact with my professors and easily to hear and understand what he or she going to convey off..our class is accompanied by 25 Malaysian student and the clinical round started at 9am until 10am. Then,it will follow by theoretical lectures for one and half hour. And then,go home and take a nap!haha!!..nope,just kidding..insyaAllah,I’ll make my time useful and wisely. I decided to clerk the patient after the lectures,and I wanna learn more from them. My doctor said,in medicine,your patient is the best teacher and best guidance for you,you will learn what is hidden inside the medicine itself through examining your patient and so,you’ll learn about life when you always mingle with them!

opthalmology- 2 months posting

My wish

I pray to have a good health and sustain my life to carry on with this medical field so that I can be a good muslimah doctor and achieve my dream ..insya Allah..

love to read this book~a great message to all doctors and future doctors out there!

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