..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..


Salam aleik

Happy cheerful morning today!

Well,it’s almost 4 weeks left for me to finish this ophthalmology posting. And it’s totally left about 5 weeks for me to sit for the final year examination. Wow,sound scary,doesn’t it? Speaking about examination,no one never doubt about it. For sure,everyone will feel scary or almost crazy about it. This will end up with severe depression for the person or it will be psychotic problem to that individual,and this is commonly happen to the people who are having or dealing with severe course and very serious subject like someone who study in medicine,engineering,accountant and even educators!

When someone ask me,is it relevant to develop tension or stress? My answer is .. of course,you have! But, you need to make it for 0.001 percent only,which means just a little,and don’t ever go beyond the borderline,coz you will feel overstress and black out!!. Study reveals that our brain need ‘surprise’ stimulus in order to make our body keep alert and be consistent all the time. Imagine that someone is hurting you but you didn’t respond to her,what you will have then? Alas,that person will always hurt you and make fun of you. Because,she felt  that you don’t have any feeling or stress stimulus about what she did to you. Oh,imagine that you will have the final exam next week,then you just feel rilex and just playing around,chatting,watch Japanese movies,facebook-ing,and you do lots of ‘happy’ things and you didn’t study at all,and when people poke you,just to make sure you have ready for the exam or not,you just keep smiling happily,as nothing happen in your life and what do you think people will think about you?? Yup, they will think that you’re crazy! Guys,wake up! Who said that we have to avoid stress completely ? no,we shouldn’t do that. At least we should have 0.001 percent of stressful stimulus to ensure our life is easy going and we’ll get what we want. Simple right?

Well, in this 4 th year of medical school, I learned so many things,with 4 postings,2 minors-ENT and Ophthalmology and 2 major(I don’t think so..haha)-community medicine and forensic, surely I understand what doctors life is going to end up with. And I missed my professors and doctors in all postings that I’ve underwent before.it was such a nice experience for me here. Being a medical student is not as easy as ABC. Eventhough our system here is not as good and advance like in Malaysia for example,but at least I learned many things about life here and once again,although our system here is based on examination oriented,but still I can make up something with it. Do you guys wanna know what are those?

SURVIVAL- this is my favourite word and I always try to make it happen to a reality. I mean,I don’t just fantasized about this ‘magic’ word,but I try ,step by step to achieve the magnificient meaning that hidden inside it. Survival itself has its own meaning and characteristics. And this word make me feel ‘alive’ here in Egypt. I always wondered how’s my life gonna be then,but of course first you have to put 100% trustworthy to Allah,because He plan the best agenda for you here,but we as a chaliph,trustworthy without doing anything after that is something to no avail,how can possibly someone who just behold on God then he do nothing,he just waiting for God to give something good to him. It’s not fair,isn’it? Life is full of fair and square,what we give,we get back and what we do,we will get the reward and vice versa. All of these need booster as what we called as SURVIVAL.

So,here in Egypt ,wherever I go,whatever I do,I should have this survival value . I need to foster it in my heart and this word is kinda entitiy for me here. With this word,I can open my eyes widely,gazing wide horizontally to the world that my life must going on,even I have to undergo with lots of obstacles and endurance,I will hold tightly with this word,SURVIVAL as a symbolic of IMAN-guidance of our heart.

So, I pray to Allah to guide me to the right way. Thank you Allah for giving me chance here,to survive and to mingle with lots of obstacles here,as for sure all of these are a ‘prescription’ for me to be a better person and ‘healed’ my heart so as one day I’ll be a good saviour to the ummah!

That’s all for now. insyaAllah,I’m going to share with you guys lots of story of my life here..till we meet again!!

Note 1 : ganbatte ne!!

Note 2: ops,it almost 7 in the morning. I have to get ready to my class.he he

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