..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

My Final Exam Papers

Public Health,Forensic and Opthalmology

Salam aleik!

Alhamdulillah,3 out of 4 papers were over. Public Health,Forensic and Ophthalmology. So far,Alhamdulillah, the papers were great and I’m quite happy with what I did . I know I couldn’t make it if there’s no ‘doa’ and support from my family and friends. Syukran ya gamaah!! Eventhough I couldn’t well in Forensic and Toxicology paper,but still I feel happy because I truly believe that miracle will happen soon! Why not? He is The Almighty,has greatest power ever,insyaAllah,if we put lots of ‘tawakkal’ for Him,He will granted us with good magnificient reward!Amin

Just wanna share few questions that I ‘like’ most!..hehe (I;m not jot down all questions here ok!)

Public Health and Community paper

–          question about Rabies and general features and management of Rabies

–          factors contributing to global eradication of small pox

–          Maternal Mortality Ration

–          Describe Egyptian Population Pyramid (whenever this type of question come out,I was barely able to breathe..don’t ask me why? Yeah,because I’m not Egyptian,so why bother??)

–          Malaria and Mlariometric indices

–          Role of food in cancer prevention

Forensic and Toxicology paper

I can say that this is a killing paper for 4th year medical students here! Sorry,no offense ok! But,this is only my opinion,irrespectively.

– how radiology plays an important medicolegal role in investigation of firearm,pregnancy and child physical abuse

– discuss dangers of criminal abortion

-fallacies in floatation test and microscopic picture of seminal sample

-what is Burking? Define specific post-mortem

–          question about flail chest-paradoxical respiration

–          post-mortem changes drowning

–          dentition and estimation of age

–          eye examination is essential in diagnosing alcohol toxicity

–          withdrawal manifestation of opiate dependance

here are very interesting cases in toxicology paper

try to answer it!

–          a 30 years old female,under psychotic treatment was admitted to the poison control center with restlessness,upward deviation of eyes,torticollis,abnormal movement of the tounge and tacyarrythmia. BP was 80/50mmHg. Pupils were DILATED. ECG revealed supraventricular tacyarrythmia.

What’s ur possible diagnosis?and management??

Ophtalmology paper

-management ophthalmia neonatarum

-dendritic corneal ulcer,management


A 25 year old male started to complaint of flashes of light and floaters in his left eye following trauma to the forehead. Few days later,he realized loss of lower part of the visual field. On exam, he was found to be a myope -10D. the IOP in his left eye was 10 mmHg,while the IOP in his right eye was 18mmHg.

-what’s your provisional diagnosis?investagions,lines of treatment??

insyaAllah,I’ll have my ENT paper this Sunday. So do pray for me ok! After finish the written exam,I’ll have the oral exam of these 4 subjects right next after ENT paper. And insyaAllah,I’ll end up my final exam on 7 July.

Note 1 : let’s fight endlessly~ I can smell the glory!!

Note 2: sori,entry kali ni banyak bincang pasal medik plak..maklumlah tengah exam fever sekarang..hehe


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