..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..


owh,how can i say this. my feelings..i totally wanna be in home soon.going back to my hometown in Kelantan and stay there for about 3 months(insyaAllah) together with my beloved mom,dad,my nasty little sister(hehe) and my ‘big-mouth’ little brother! owh,how i wonder what would it be like once i reach my homeland! insyaAllah..

the clock keep ticking and the time just flies anyway. now,it’s already 2 weeks and a half for me to fly back to Malaysia. oh,i can’t wait for that moment! the moment when i saw my parents and siblings waving their hands on me and i can’t imagine the warm hug and kisses from them.

sorry,maybe this is enty is not suitable to post it here anyway. but, i wanna share my feelings with all of u guys out there. yeah,being apart from the family, between two continets,Asia-Africa,thousand miles away from Malaysia,kind of difficult situation i have here. despite i have so many good friends and highly bonding with each other,but it is not the same as our family. on that matter,family comes first! but,never forget to thank to all my friends here for the wonderful ‘ukhuwwah’ that we make it together. you guys also being part of my family here,and due to that, i owe lots of things with you guys! my batch-mate,my ‘kakak-kakak ustazah’,my doctors,my professors,my neighbours..you guys compeleted each other,and makes me feel that i’m the lucky person ever having such a very nice and outstanding person around me. you guys always giving me support either directly or indirectly.and i appreciate that matter!

now i realize that my journey here is not over yet. i have to be strong! in order to fight with the rest of the world. insyaAllah,i will work harder and harder to achieve my dream and i wanna be the best,something that i adore most,being a superb muslimah doctor!insyaAllah..

note : really miss my family…


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One thought on “still?

  1. salam

    dont lose focus yet. be strong. fokus utk exam dulu. dah habis semua nanti bleh la jumpa family

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