..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

Journey to HUSM-Elective posting 2010

Day One – 15/8/2010

Day One – me starting my first elective rotation in ONG department,HUSM.Tell u what,it was so fun eventhough sometimes I feel like a jerk !!hehe

6.30am= I went to the bus station to ride on it but it seems too late,so I flagged a taxi and paid RM5 for the journey. Hmm,kind expensive though,but never mind,as long I reached at HUSM on time,I never feel sorry about that. Yes,7.30am,I arrived safely at HUSM and met my friends there, Dilah,aliya,K.Az,Yati and Lin. So,together of us went upstairs to see Dr Ismail,the man who is in-charge for us.

10.00am = i got my supervisor!! Dr ahmad Amir,nicely called Dr amir..such a humble and nice person..he greet me warmly and without no doubt, I introduce myself and told him about what I want actually from this elective. Well, I told him the truth,hmm,feel kind of emotional somehow but in the end,I strongly said to him that ‘doc,pray for me so as one day,I’ll be like you,competent and outstanding doctor”. And he kept repeating the same words to me “be independent and be matured.med student should have these two things,then you’re going to be an excellent doctor one day”..InsyaAllah..

10.30am= after short briefing, I went to wad 2 baiduri and 2 akik..after introduce little bit about myself to staff nurse there, I walked around each bed and greet the patient..actually I wanna get some sense of familiar with that place so as I will not feel awkward when I begin my morning rounds later..

11.00am=  Az and I went to labor room.but before we reached there,we went to ONG clinic but didn’t have time to mingle there..the place were so crowded with so many people. I saw lots of pregnant female being examine by the doctors..i hope one day I’ll be one of them,being a gynaecologist and treat specially for the women..insyaallah..

Labor room

Ok,I’ve been here for a long period,.about 4 hours..so tired actually..i observed 3 normal delivery and just assist the H.O for one normal delivery. I didn’t get a chance to see C- section yet..but I will see it…insyaAllah..here, I learnt a lot from the mistakes either it is from myself or from the others..i will never forget once the doctor said, “ok,pasang IV line”..hoho..actually this is the first day I’m here and the first for me to have all kind of these procedures,besides,I never learned yet about the clinical skills yet..lucky me,the doctor was very kind hearted,as she taught us everything on that evening ..thanks to Dr Munawwarah..i appreciate your kindness..may Allah bless u doc!

Here,I met Nienke, a med student from Holland who also doing her elective in this posting.. I tell u what,she’s so amazing! She taught me about how to conduct normal delivery..she’s so talkative and I was happy to be with her! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Dr Amir gave me some task and I have to fulfill them..

First,follow the daily schedule that he made up for me

Second, study hard and try to get more exposures and experiences throughout my posting

Every day

8 am= morning rounds (means I have to come early to the ward just in case I need to cover up all the patients)

9.30/10am= helps the H.O to withdraw blood as much as I can..others,set IV line,ABG sample,CBD..also if I have time, I’ll go to the clinic,clerking case with the med students there..

11am= off to labor room..observe and assist many cases as you can..

At noon and evening, follow med students for round presentation,tutorial or ‘berkampung’ di labor room..

These are my routine till now..insyaAllah,I’ll try my best..

“See One,do One,Teach One”


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One thought on “Journey to HUSM-Elective posting 2010

  1. kak nurani on said:

    salam fatin. dah ada kat msia ye? wah, menarik je akak baca experience awak posting kat HUSM. bakal doc yang bersemangat!! keep it up! hope akak pun leh jadi bermotivasi macam awak. hehe. doakan akak yea.
    selamat menyambut ramadhan fatin. moga kali ini lebih bermakna!
    stay msia smpi bila?
    miss u!!

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