..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

Elective Posting Experience in HUSM

Salam wbt

Salam ramadhan

Day Two

Well,actually second day in HUSM is little bit like horrible things that ever happen to me. As usual, early in the morning,I joined morning rounds with my fellow friends. Well,tell you that I never get understand what they were discussing about. It was obvious because I don’t learn ONG yet,so I feel like something is missing,and certainly I don’t feel any comfortable about that matter. When the doctor keep staring at me and I couldn’t give her the best answer as I could,I feel like an idiot,but never mind,I’m still learning right?who cares if I cant answer the simple question like that. It doesn’t bother at all. Hehe. Besides,everyone knows that I am (especially medical student in Egypt) do not learn about Obs and Gynae yet because we’re gonna take it during year 5 and 6. and I’m not in year 5 yet,but I’ll be in year 5 this September. So, I think I wanna get some early exposures through this posting..so why bother if I feel kind of enthusiastic to grab the skills as much as I can during my elective.

Allright. I think I’m babbling too much then. Back to our story, after morning rounds,I joined the USM students for their case presentation. The case was “Heart Diseases in Pregnancy”(If I’m not wrong). Actually, the doctor asked us many questions about basic science. As I’m still remember, the question goes like this “tell me congenital heart disease,acquired HD,action of ergometrine,managemenet of ASD patient”. I feel like a crap in there.hehe..

After that,I went to labor room,nothing much I can do,just helping the nurses prepared for the labor. But I don’t have chance to set an IV line yet,but insyaAllah,I’ll try to do it. At 2pm,I went home.

Day 3

Today, at 6.30am,I arrived safely at HUSM. Nobody’s around.hehe..so,I went to the labor room,place my bag and whole my stuff there,then I follow the intern doing  CTG (cardiotocogram) to the patient who has just arrived from the antenatal ward. So, I just help the nurse preparing the stuff for deliver like dressing set, placing the suction tube to its generator(I don’t know what it is but I like call it ‘generator’),but still I don’t get a chance to set an IV to that patient. Hoho..never mind!i still have time.

Then I observed a doctor doing stiches to the mother, putting the placenta into the plastic bag,learning how to wear sterile gloves properly(sounds funny right?).hehe.well,it was such a nice experience. You never know how I’m feeling everytime the mom start to yell out and say “Ouch,I’m in pain”.the hawling,the shouting,the shrieking make me feel so sad. Because I’m a woman and I will have the same experience like them too. And when the baby comes out, my heart captured that beautiful moment,and my feelings mixed up- sad,happy,cheer..i think of my mom and my tears rolling down again…

Hot story today,one of friends conducted the delivery successfully.alhamdulillah. she’s freaking out when the doctor grab her hand and say “put on your sterile gloves and take this baby out!!”. We were so astonished at that time. The baby’s head seen clear,so we can’t refuse to delay the delivery. So,under supervision by the M.O,she did her job very well. Thanks god,the baby comes out easily,no episiotomy,no stictches to the mother. She clamp the cord and cut the umbilical cord.then doing suction to the baby. Apgar score was good. Next,taking out the placenta,check for the abnormalities or anything missing,then we put the placenta into the plastic bag then give it to the family members. I took TFT(thyroid function test) blood sample and sample for G6PD. Such a nice experience!! I cant wait to conduct the delivery by myself..insyaAllah..

After that,we’re just waiting at the labor room but seems they haven’t much cases today.so Nienke,Ti,Alia,Az,Dilah and I just keep practicing the IV line set. And hey,today I met with Akmal,med student from HUSM.such a very nice person. She’s very helpful. Always smiling and she taught on how to the physical examination(PE) to the pregnant mothers. She’s also lending me her notes about practical skills so that I can practice it when I come back to Egypt later. Thanks everyone!!


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3 thoughts on “Elective Posting Experience in HUSM

  1. Keep it up… dont give up…keep on learning…

  2. Atin, dok kat labour room elok2 ye ♥

  3. impressive, kawan abang ada bgtau enty ngan kawan buat E.P kat situ, very great experience, try to gain knowledges and skills as much as u can, nanti kalau abg tak tahu apa-apa boleh ajar abang yer

    jangan kedekut ilmu , huhuhu :-p

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