..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

supercharged quick study programme~Day 1

well,the tittle says it all right?

alhamdulillah,the first day of all,the great opening for the rest of the other day which 34 days to go,and i feel so happy,so enjoy with the new-refresh updated person,me myself..hehe..well,this is me,i have to make something new,something weird,something awkward to keep me boost up and make a clear flow journey towards my success.isA

early in the morning,after Fajr prayer(at 4am), i did some exercise,stretching my body,open the window,having some breakfast,the biscuits and a cup of milk.then,after reciting some versus in Quran,i started to open my book,but before that,i’ve wrote some journal about my studying,to know my progress on study.

and yes,let’s begin. today’s topic is Peds=Neonatology which i divided into 2 major categories,full term and preterm babies(+post term baby) and i highlighted some issues regarding general disorder/manifestation and local manifestation that actually quite commonly happen to both term and preterm baby. i’ve made it in a table in one paper,isa,if i have time,i will upload here.

next is Fetal surveillance and well being. i prefer to study with perinatal medicine+perinatal diagnosis. it’s cool ha when u can combine both subjects at a time.and this method i find it so so beneficial for me,cuz i wouldnt spent too much time in studying each chapter/topics. just repeat my reading session,highlighted some pictures,graph,table,summary and make a table on one paper and compare between them. alhamdulillah,i find it very amazing!

next Peds=Genetic. i think part of genetics is kind of difficult for me to understand.now i’m still thinking and trying to figure out what the best method to study genetics especially the part that i have to understand well-heterozygote,autosomal recessive,chromosomal disorder..bla..bla..bla..so,anyone who has idea on what r the best method to study it,please please share it with me ok.

well,i think i’ve to stop. see u guys!


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