..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

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..ready for surgery test after this..

…get ready(struggling actually) for Dr sherif Hawari class after this..he will teach us Arrythmia and i have to get ready study HTN which he will ask us ..

…have no idea about exams tomorrow..i wonder??

list of things i should revise tonight..

ICU exams

-normal value of electrolytes,vital signs,causes of disorders of each

-Respiratory failure

-cardiac emergency,respiratory emergency,GIT emergency,SHOCK


-ABG interpretation

-moniitoring ICU patient

Tropical subject..

-checklist for abdominal examination


-portal hypertension

-causes of hepatomegaly

-causes of splenomegaly

-viral markers,antibilharzial treatment


-manifestations chronic liver failure

hmmm…ok then,pray for me..


..MBBcH year..


Oh,give me a pill!

That’s the first thing I gonna do for this week..it was very2 exhausted week ever..mind u ok..hehe

Sedar tak sedar,today is Wednesday,which I gonna have 2 exams tomorrow..ICU/Emergency exam and Tropical exam..oh,wait a minute!,am I really have an exams tomorrow??haiyaa,buat-buat pening plak dah cik faten ni..hehe..well,but it is,I am having really bad headache now(tapi sempat lagi update blog)..i donno,lately I always got dizziness which comes in attacks,but I realized I never been syncope,better than never right?..so,I diagnosed myself with adrenaline rush attack or anxiety attack=seldomly I have palpitation,blurring of vision sometimes(nak kata tak nyempat2 nye lap spek..huh,ada kaitan ke?haha),cough,fever..and hundreds of other symptoms(yang paling banyak ialah symptom mengada-ngada..hehe)..

Just wanna share with u guys what I’ve done this week..sometimes when I try to explain to my family what is happening to me here(right now),they just said “yo doh la tu,mugo amik medic kam?baso dio doh tu..”well…ok…definitely totally undoubtfully right! But I’m not whining or something,this is my life(which by hook or by crook I must face it right?),which I love most(living in hectic life,I appreciate what He gives to me..i still can breathe,I can still see what people do,I can still do what I want..u know what,when I see patients in rounds/class/whatever(in the street maybe),there comes my pittiness for them(mudah je nak kuar air mata ni),tambah-tambah kalo I tengok kids yang sakit..Tuhan je tau how I feel at that time..but doctors should be strong right!no more manja-manja ni sume,either u take it or u leave it..life is so simple!(ok,dah banyak dah merepek…)

So,lets go to our main story..hehe.lets revise .things that I’ve done this week..

Sunday (10/12)- go to surgery class,learnt skin graft,skin flap..go to clinical medicine class,doctor explain about taking history in details (the rest:I wasn’t feeling well on Sunday..seriously guys,I think I wanna do CT on my brain..haha)

Monday(11/12)- 6.30am=going out,strolled over Nil River,heading to surgery class-learnt about face,tounge cancer,lip cancer from surgical point of view(It’s so scary I told u..haha),finish class at 9am,then rushed over to ICU/Emergency class(nasib baik tingkat 1 je..kalo x,semput….hehe),I learned about respiratory failure,gave fully attention here coz I don’t have time to study in details at home(no doubt then,really love Emergency,especially part heroic,rushing2,kejar2 ,lari2 dalam hospital which is so amazing kan?seems nampak real medicine world when I am in emergency..hehe)ok,then at 12pm,went home,study for the next class(actually I was tired at this time..)study for Dr Hawari class,Cardiology coz I have viva/oral exams with him..(so hafal la I sume topic Heart Failure,Rheumatic fever,Inf.Endo,Angina,Myo.Infarction,pulmonary embolism,systemic HTN)..at 1.30pm,sekali lagi rushing2 pegi kelas Dr Hawari..first we completed study the treatment of hypertension,then doctors start asking question for each student (Ya Rabb,sangat cuak tahap ape ntah masa ni…coz he will ask u anything he wants..haha..but really,sangat respect kat doctor coz when he did like this to his student,so,students will always prepared la kan..setiap masa I pegang je buku biru cardiology tu..hehe)

We finish class at 4.40pm,then rushing lagi untuk solat Asar yang berbaki beberapa minit je before solat Maghrib at 5pm..then,we continue our class little bit..so,overall,we finished at 6pm lebih2 sket..then,macam biasa,balik ngan Pana,walking along Nil river..hehe(tempat lokasi filem KCB..sempat lagi tu..hehe),then safely reached home at 6.40pm..masa ni dah collapsed..haha..i took a rest for an hour,then continue to my routine-which is..STUDY!=)

Tuesday(12/12)=as usual,6.30am,heading to clinical medicine class,doctor teach about the most important complaint/symptom of patient in cardiac disease,DYSPNEA for 2 hours..then,rushing to ICU/Emergency class(in hospital),learned ABG(Arterial Blood Gas) interpretation today..Alhamdulillah,dah faham ape itu Respiratory acidosis,alkalosis and anak-beranaknye..hehe..then at,11.30,rushing to faculty,having clinical session of Tropical round,got ascites case,see flapping tremors,percuss shifting dullness,do transmitted thrill..and so on..at 2pm,rushing(again) to surgery lecture,study about management of shock (which I was happy about it..coz subjek emergency,which I love most)..we finished at 3.30pm,then I go to faculty bookshop,menjamu mata and relieved my stress by looking at many books there..jatuh hati dengan buku symptoms and signs in medicine by Prof Dr Salah Ibrahim(big2 professor Ain Shams University)..balik rumah,jalan mesra dengan my best buddy,Dr Azlin..hehe..safely arrived at home and masak untuk adik-adik housemate..then after Maghrib,I collapsed again..haha..woke up and STUDY(for exams and revision)slept at 2am.

Wednesday(13/12)=7am=surgery class,9.30am=ICU/Emergency,12pm,Tropical class,2pm-5pm=Dr Hawari class


So,dear all,please pray for me ok..peace!

Note 2: aih,missing my family,missing *** already..hehe ..doa dari jauh..=)

Final Year..=)

Assalamualaikum wbt


Alhamdulillah,it’s been about 10th week I’m having my journey in final year as medical student in the most prestigious,ancient,descent medical school in Africa continent,Kasr el-Ainy Medical School,Cairo University. Alhamdulillah..then Alhamdulillah..then Alhamdulillah..i am totally proud with what I achieve till now.thanks Allah for your bless,for your giving..oh,not forget to say happy New Year,Salam Maal Hijrah to all my friends out there(thanks to someone who reminds me,bukan xingat,terlalu sibuk mungkin sampaikan xteringat..O God,forgive me then..huhu)..so,what r your resolution for this year people?? Hehe..

I have wishlist to be completed and achieved..inshallah..may God panjangkan usia cuz I really want to do many good things to people out there..inshallah

10 wishlist

  1. Mendalami ilmu fikah perubatan and updated with isu-isu perubatan semasa
  2. Belajar (pulun habis-habisan) medic for this final year..xsampai 8 bulan lagi nak habiskan final..bersusah2 dahulu xapa kan? Inshallah hasil yang bagus di kemudian hari..ameen
  3. Grad pada waktu dan masa seperti ditetapkan(inshallah February/march 2013)
  4. Mendalami ilmu rumahtangga (how to be good wife,fiqh rumahtangga and etc)well,I think final year student should think about dis rite?bersedialah dari awal..xsalah kan??hehe
  5. Buat Lasix-before going back to Malaysia cuz it’s cheaper here…say bye-bye to Mr Specky and Miss Lenses..hehe
  6. Berguru betul2 dengan big professors here..ambil sbyk mungkin pengalaman..develop social skills
  7. Arabic and English language-must improved!
  8. Ziarah makam-makam,tempat2 interesting in Egypt before going back to Malaysia
  9. MUMTAZ for final year!(inshallah)
  10. Dan banyak lagi…hehe=)

Pray for me~

Notes= 11th week=ICU ,ER posting ..no Dr Sherif class,attend Dr Amr(surgery) class,Dr Ashraf Zaki(history taking session)

12th week=EXAMs week=Tropical special exam,ICU exam,Dr Sherif exam

13th week=inshallah CLINICAL exam (mid term exam)

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