..InsPiRasi HuMaiRa..

dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

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Exam Fever

Salam aleik

Selamat pagi semua!

Mulakan hari anda dengan senyuman ..a big grin smile? Ehe..


Ahad 27 Jun =

E.N.T (Ear,Nose,Throat)/Otorhinolaryngology Final Year Examination

Rabu 30 Jun =

Oral/Viva ENT Final Exam

Sabtu 3 Julai =

Oral/Viva Ophthalmology (mata) Final Exam

Isnin 5 Julai =

Oral/viva Forensic and Toxicology Final Exam

Rabu 7 Julai =

Oral /Viva Public Health and Community Medicine Final Exam

Final Year Examination of 4th year Malaysia medical student,Cairo University officially ended on 7th July 2010 .

Ahad 11 Julai = Fly to Malaysia with Egyptair (insyaAllah..doa semoga dipermudahkan urusan)

Nota 1 : menggunakan sisa-sisa tenaga yang ada untuk berhempas pulas study,revise,memorize everything about ENT..huhu ..I love ENT! Can I say that?hehe

Nota 2 : tak sabar nak balik Malaysia..nak jumpa yang tersayang..=)

Nota 3 : Doakan agar segala urusan dipermudah olehNya!Amin..


My ENT Professors..

Alhamdulillah,this is the last week for ENT posting. i hope i can learn as much as I can and hopefully,i’ve enjoy everything -suka,duka,letih,penat,stress ,muntah,pening-pening..hehe..dalam posting ENT ni..

kenangan ke outpatient clinic every Saturday morning,tagging Dr Osama dan Dr Mahmud (both of them are my favourite doctors there)..having jokes with them,tengok the way Dr Osama handle kes dengan pesakit-he’s very nice doctor,cekap dan pantas dalam diagnosis sesuatu penyakit and he makes me wonder one thing,i’ve asked him one day.sounds like this “Doc,why don’t you change your speciality into Emergency Specialist doctor?”.dengan selambanya,he said , “you know something,ENT is a branch that u’re dealing with your patient daily and even we have minor complaint like headache or dizziness,we might see ENT doctor!.”

i asked him again ,”but,is that ok for you dealing with all those secretions-wax,sputum..etc..etc?”i think i asked him a stupid question,though.hehe.he stared at me and said “its not about dealing with those ‘yuck’ things,but it is dealing with patient’s healthy..i feel so happy if the patient come to see me complaint about diminution of hearing and once i give him some drugs and he come to see me again and said ‘thank you doc’,i can hear very well!!that’s what i want from my career..it’s not about famous or stylish things,but it’s all started from our niyyah(niat)”..

saya terkedu seketika. hmm,betul kata-kata Dr Osama tu. patutlah,semua doktor dan professor di jabatan ENT semuanya lelaki-no women at all!

kenangan di OT juga begitu bermakna buat saya. melihat pakar-pakar surgeon membuat pembedahan pada pesakit membuktikan bahawa doktor-doktor di sini hebat.Alhamdulillah..saya berhasrat untuk berkongsi pengalaman ketika di OT,but i’ll write later,insyaAllah.

so,here are my favourite and best ENT professors..

Prof Dr Essam Abdel Nabi (my head department of ENT)

Prof Dr Nabeel (if i’m not mistaken,he is the second world-best surgeon in ENT)

Prof Dr Mohd Salah Hassouna(i call him ‘Doc berteknologi tinggi’ because he owns laptop yang begitu canggih!hehe..besides,he speaks fluent American)

Prof Dr ElShazly (he speaks very fast..hehe)

Prof Dr Sayed El-Fouly (very caring and fatherly doctor..)

Prof Dr Aly Ahmed El-Gharem (he’s very funny and always make jokes)

Prof Dr Ahmed El-Salmawy

Prof Dr Hisyam (he is so kind,fatherly acting and like to share some stories about Malaysia as he’s already been there before..besides,he is also work as associate professor in Germany)

Prof Dr Khaled

Prof Dr Ashraf Zeki (he’s very strict and sometimes makes jokes but he doesn’t laugh at all..hehe..)

to all my beloved professors,thank you very much for lightning my life with abundant of ENT topics..it was so nice actually!now i know how to differentiate between dizziness and vertigo-a complete mistakes that usually done by doctors..i really appreciate your extra work to make us understand easily what have you told us..

not forget,my beloved clinical doctors= Doc Osama,Dr Mahmud and Doc Saaid Abd Aziz..

syukran jazilan..till we meet again!May Allah bless you all!!

Note : i wish to go to Emergency ENT ward this Thursday.insyaAllah..

Note 2 : i’ll have my ENT  end-course exam on 7 April 2010,following my Opthalmology posting on 11 April,insyaAllah..pray for my success!!

my otoscope~WelchAllyn Klinic Otoscope

HE is always by my side!!

today i feel soooo rejected!!huhu

and everything surround me like a boring stuff..sorry dear friends..but i feel sooo self-eccentric!i’m not in a good mood actually!

today,i went to clinical tutorial and everything seems regular to me. our case presentation today is Otitis Media with central perforation.it is not severe case but we try to manage the case of that patient.we did some otoscopy to the patient and we found that she has OM with central perforation on left ear.

after the session, i went home,sadly..huhu

note : i’m too emotional today-all negative feeling showered myself today-i feel so rejected,slef-eccentric,people don’t greet me anything neither say hello nor smile,in fact i try to smile at them and greet them happily like i usually do,but today,everything seems abnormal to me..

note 2: when i feel sad, i always listen to Maher Zain song -Insya Allah-truly,it makes me feel extra relief.thanks Allah!

note 3 : i’m a human,so it is normal as a human to feel some negative feeling but i try to handle it immediately as i can. just remember that Allah is always by my side

note 4 : i’ve burst out lots of tears on the way back from my clinical session untill i reach my home..huhu..(what the hell is wrong with me??)

la tahzan..Allah is your side!

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