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dalam ketegasanmu terselit kelembutan..dalam kesungguhanmu terselit seribu duka penderitaan..jerit perihmu menuju puncak kegemilangan..kau..syaukah istimewa..dipagari sinar nur islami..

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..MBBcH year..


Oh,give me a pill!

That’s the first thing I gonna do for this week..it was very2 exhausted week ever..mind u ok..hehe

Sedar tak sedar,today is Wednesday,which I gonna have 2 exams tomorrow..ICU/Emergency exam and Tropical exam..oh,wait a minute!,am I really have an exams tomorrow??haiyaa,buat-buat pening plak dah cik faten ni..hehe..well,but it is,I am having really bad headache now(tapi sempat lagi update blog)..i donno,lately I always got dizziness which comes in attacks,but I realized I never been syncope,better than never right?..so,I diagnosed myself with adrenaline rush attack or anxiety attack=seldomly I have palpitation,blurring of vision sometimes(nak kata tak nyempat2 nye lap spek..huh,ada kaitan ke?haha),cough,fever..and hundreds of other symptoms(yang paling banyak ialah symptom mengada-ngada..hehe)..

Just wanna share with u guys what I’ve done this week..sometimes when I try to explain to my family what is happening to me here(right now),they just said “yo doh la tu,mugo amik medic kam?baso dio doh tu..”well…ok…definitely totally undoubtfully right! But I’m not whining or something,this is my life(which by hook or by crook I must face it right?),which I love most(living in hectic life,I appreciate what He gives to me..i still can breathe,I can still see what people do,I can still do what I want..u know what,when I see patients in rounds/class/whatever(in the street maybe),there comes my pittiness for them(mudah je nak kuar air mata ni),tambah-tambah kalo I tengok kids yang sakit..Tuhan je tau how I feel at that time..but doctors should be strong right!no more manja-manja ni sume,either u take it or u leave it..life is so simple!(ok,dah banyak dah merepek…)

So,lets go to our main story..hehe.lets revise .things that I’ve done this week..

Sunday (10/12)- go to surgery class,learnt skin graft,skin flap..go to clinical medicine class,doctor explain about taking history in details (the rest:I wasn’t feeling well on Sunday..seriously guys,I think I wanna do CT on my brain..haha)

Monday(11/12)- 6.30am=going out,strolled over Nil River,heading to surgery class-learnt about face,tounge cancer,lip cancer from surgical point of view(It’s so scary I told u..haha),finish class at 9am,then rushed over to ICU/Emergency class(nasib baik tingkat 1 je..kalo x,semput….hehe),I learned about respiratory failure,gave fully attention here coz I don’t have time to study in details at home(no doubt then,really love Emergency,especially part heroic,rushing2,kejar2 ,lari2 dalam hospital which is so amazing kan?seems nampak real medicine world when I am in emergency..hehe)ok,then at 12pm,went home,study for the next class(actually I was tired at this time..)study for Dr Hawari class,Cardiology coz I have viva/oral exams with him..(so hafal la I sume topic Heart Failure,Rheumatic fever,Inf.Endo,Angina,Myo.Infarction,pulmonary embolism,systemic HTN)..at 1.30pm,sekali lagi rushing2 pegi kelas Dr Hawari..first we completed study the treatment of hypertension,then doctors start asking question for each student (Ya Rabb,sangat cuak tahap ape ntah masa ni…coz he will ask u anything he wants..haha..but really,sangat respect kat doctor coz when he did like this to his student,so,students will always prepared la kan..setiap masa I pegang je buku biru cardiology tu..hehe)

We finish class at 4.40pm,then rushing lagi untuk solat Asar yang berbaki beberapa minit je before solat Maghrib at 5pm..then,we continue our class little bit..so,overall,we finished at 6pm lebih2 sket..then,macam biasa,balik ngan Pana,walking along Nil river..hehe(tempat lokasi filem KCB..sempat lagi tu..hehe),then safely reached home at 6.40pm..masa ni dah collapsed..haha..i took a rest for an hour,then continue to my routine-which is..STUDY!=)

Tuesday(12/12)=as usual,6.30am,heading to clinical medicine class,doctor teach about the most important complaint/symptom of patient in cardiac disease,DYSPNEA for 2 hours..then,rushing to ICU/Emergency class(in hospital),learned ABG(Arterial Blood Gas) interpretation today..Alhamdulillah,dah faham ape itu Respiratory acidosis,alkalosis and anak-beranaknye..hehe..then at,11.30,rushing to faculty,having clinical session of Tropical round,got ascites case,see flapping tremors,percuss shifting dullness,do transmitted thrill..and so on..at 2pm,rushing(again) to surgery lecture,study about management of shock (which I was happy about it..coz subjek emergency,which I love most)..we finished at 3.30pm,then I go to faculty bookshop,menjamu mata and relieved my stress by looking at many books there..jatuh hati dengan buku symptoms and signs in medicine by Prof Dr Salah Ibrahim(big2 professor Ain Shams University)..balik rumah,jalan mesra dengan my best buddy,Dr Azlin..hehe..safely arrived at home and masak untuk adik-adik housemate..then after Maghrib,I collapsed again..haha..woke up and STUDY(for exams and revision)slept at 2am.

Wednesday(13/12)=7am=surgery class,9.30am=ICU/Emergency,12pm,Tropical class,2pm-5pm=Dr Hawari class


So,dear all,please pray for me ok..peace!

Note 2: aih,missing my family,missing *** already..hehe ..doa dari jauh..=)


New Entry,Bad Health

Alhamdulillah.. I am now in surgical posting. The third rotation for me after internal medicine and pediatric posting. So far, this is my second week in surgery,yet I am totally sick, could not able to walk because of my fever-migraine things. It happened for a week ago,started with flu,common cold and nasal discharge.so,I was thinking that maybe I have some sort of viral infection. Then,I started with home remedy- drinking a lot of warm water, eating lots of orange..but apparently,my condition getting worst day by day.the third day, I took my temperature and finally it showed me bad result. My temp was like 38-39 degree,if I still remember. I told Sarah,and she insisted me to see a doctor but my bad luck, I refused to go. I don’t know why,maybe I’m sick of being examined by a doctor so frequent. Haha So, i made my self-diagnosis. Apart from viral infection,now it has been complicated with bacterial infection. My symptoms fit with that very well- high fever,sore throat,red and congested throat,moist cough,headache,body ache and earache! So,I just took 2 pills of panadol everyday,eventhough I hate panadol very much! Haha..but it seems getting worst! I told Aliya and she asked me to see a doctor. At least,he/she will prescribed some antibiotics for me.Amoxicillin maybe. But,as I told you,I hate taking drugs!!

And still today, I got migraine,very awful headache,pain in the jaw,dry mouth although I drank gallons of water!,cough,sore throat,sputum and nasal discharge and I think I have frontal and ethmoidal  sinusitis too…!!!oh,it’s totally getting worst and dangerous..i think I should go to the hospital tonight!! Sinusitis is a bad complication of common cold,I’m afraid it might spread to the eye or brain!nauzubillah!!

 (tu la,degil sangat..awal2 xnak pegi hospital..degil betul la!!)


(gambar hiasan)


owh,how can i say this. my feelings..i totally wanna be in home soon.going back to my hometown in Kelantan and stay there for about 3 months(insyaAllah) together with my beloved mom,dad,my nasty little sister(hehe) and my ‘big-mouth’ little brother! owh,how i wonder what would it be like once i reach my homeland! insyaAllah..

the clock keep ticking and the time just flies anyway. now,it’s already 2 weeks and a half for me to fly back to Malaysia. oh,i can’t wait for that moment! the moment when i saw my parents and siblings waving their hands on me and i can’t imagine the warm hug and kisses from them.

sorry,maybe this is enty is not suitable to post it here anyway. but, i wanna share my feelings with all of u guys out there. yeah,being apart from the family, between two continets,Asia-Africa,thousand miles away from Malaysia,kind of difficult situation i have here. despite i have so many good friends and highly bonding with each other,but it is not the same as our family. on that matter,family comes first! but,never forget to thank to all my friends here for the wonderful ‘ukhuwwah’ that we make it together. you guys also being part of my family here,and due to that, i owe lots of things with you guys! my batch-mate,my ‘kakak-kakak ustazah’,my doctors,my professors,my neighbours..you guys compeleted each other,and makes me feel that i’m the lucky person ever having such a very nice and outstanding person around me. you guys always giving me support either directly or indirectly.and i appreciate that matter!

now i realize that my journey here is not over yet. i have to be strong! in order to fight with the rest of the world. insyaAllah,i will work harder and harder to achieve my dream and i wanna be the best,something that i adore most,being a superb muslimah doctor!insyaAllah..

note : really miss my family…

Rintihan Jiwa

Saya menghitung hari-hari berlalu. Terasa bergunung-gunung dosa dan kesalahan yang dilakukan sepanjang bergelar insan. Kadang-kadang terasa seolah-olah kufur atas pemberian segala nikmatNya yang tak terhitung banyaknya.

Saya hidup di dalam kegelapan.

Walau di kiri,kanan,hadapan dan belakang saya dipenuhi dengan kilauan cahaya,namun saya masih merasakan kekosongan yang nyata. Sepi. Tiada ungkapan mampu mengungkap seribu makna yang mengisi kekosongan jiwa ini.


Hanya padaMu aku mengadu..

Tempat ku bergantung harap..

Kekasihku yang abadi..

Nota 1 : Entah kenapa,terasa sangat kesunyian itu..kata ummi,’jangan dok layan sangat perasaan itu’..mom, that’s not what I mean..I feel some sort of ‘sunyi’..well,never mind,no one can ever read my mind..

Saya perlu bangkit! Mengejar kembali pelangi itu!

i want to go home~

Another sunny day,
Has come and gone away,
In Paris and Rome,(In Egypt actually..haha)
I want to go home,
Maybe surrounded by,
A million people I,
Still feel all alone,
I just want to go home,
Oh I miss you, You know,
And i’ve been keeping all the letters,
That I wrote to you,
Each one a line or to,
I’m fine baby how are you,
Well I would send them but,
I know it’s that it’s just not enough,
The words were cold and flat,
And you deserve more, Than that,

Another aeroplane,
Another sunny place,
I’m lucky, I know,
But I want to go home,
I’ve got to go home,
Let me go home
Im just to far,
From where you are,
I’ve got to come home,
Let me come home,
I’ve had my run,
Baby i’m down,
I want to come home,

And I feel just like,
I’m living,
Someone elses life,
It’s like i just stepped outside,
When everything was going right,
And I no just why you could not come along with me,
‘Cause this was not your dream,
But you always believed in me,

Another winter day,
Has come and gone away,
In either Paris and Rome,
And I Want To Go Home,
I miss you, You know,
Let me go home,
I’ve had my run,
Baby i’m down,
I want to go home,
Let me go home,
It’ll all be alright,
I’ll be home tonight,
I’m coming back home.


my family:dari kiri:ayah,ummi,saya,Aliya a.k.a Kak big,fawwaz,Jane(Adlin sofiya)

note 1 : owh,how i really miss my family in Kelantan

ummi : tok lamo doh kakak nok kelik,we are all miss u honey!

ayah: saba la banyok-banyok.fokus exam tu dulu.kalo bleh mumtaz,ayoh belanja ‘blackberry’ nak?(ayah,if i want LG-lollypop,ok tak?hehe..demand2)

jane : kakak,working paper program MMP siap doh ko?cepat-cepat la kelik,kami merindui kakak..

fawwaz:kakak,nati wat kelik keto remote so! (amboi-amboi,fawwaz,pegi baca buku!!asyik main je keje!)

kak big aka aliya: kakak,beli buku dentistry ko Aliya. (baek!!)

macam-macam pesanan diorang kat saya..apa-apa pun,kakak akan buat buat yang terbaik!

note 2 : tak sabar nak jumpa orang yang tersayang =)

saya sakit mata!

Jam pukul 3 pagi.

saya terus bangkit dari tidur. Forensik dan Glaucoma terus terbayang-bayang di minda saya.  sebaik bangkit,saya rasakan kelainan pada mata kiri saya.  sakit-sakit, pedih-pedih. saya terus basuh tangan,ambil sehelai tisu dan duduk berkaca di hadapan cermin. saya pegang pen-light. saya belek kelopak mata bawah (lower eyelid) bahagian mata kiri saya, alangkah terkejutnya saya!

“aku dapat conjunctivitis ni!”

hee..pandai je buat diagnosis sendiri. sebenarnya,malam sebelumnya,saya ada periksa mata junior saya yang mengalami conjunctivitis . mungkin saya kurang precaution di situ menyebabkan saya terkena jangkitan ini. mana tidaknya,elok-elok dah janji dengan diri sendiri sebelum periksa mata tu,pastikan tangan dibasuh dahulu,guna tisu yang bersih dan jangan sekali-kali letakkan jari yang telah disentuh di mata pesakit ke mata kita,tak pasal-pasal dah kene hand-to-hand infection. tapi,sebaliknya yang berlaku. tengah periksa mata junior tu,mulut saya tak henti-henti teruja menceritakan pasal conjunctivitis ni.last-last,tengah syok sangat,saya tak sedar bahawa saya telah menyentuh mata saya sendiri dengan jari yang saya periksa mata junior saya tadi. ho ho,akhirnya,terjadi lah jangkitan mudah kat mata saya. tu la,excited punye pasal,ehem,al-maklumlah,kan saya berada dalam posting oftal sekarang!

apa saya buat lepas tu? saya titiskan eye drop (sterile ophthalmic solution for fresh eye) ke dalam kedua-dua belah mata saya.wah,rasa lega sedikit. saya pun meneruskan ‘pengembaraan’ saya dalam subjek forensik dan tenggelam bersama glaucoma pagi itu.

jam 5 pagi. pagi subuh yang hening,saya rasakan kepala saya kembali berdenyut. kalau sujud,mesti rasa sakit yang amat. takkan kene frontal sinusistis pulak kot. lepas tu kesakitan itu merebak di sekeliling mata kiri saya. saya periksa kembali mata saya. ada lendir putih melekat di sekitar bulbar conjunctiva dan lower eyelid. dah sah saya kene mucopurulent conjunctivitis! sedihnya masa tu. dah la sebelum tu,saya berazam mahu jumpa pesakit hari ini. lagi pulak,saya ada meeting dengan Fiza,Dihah dan Nadiah berkenaan projek medical team PERUBATAN. akhirnya,kedua-dua agenda terpaksa dibatalkan saat-saat akhir. saya minta maaf banyak -banyak buat Fiza,Dihah dan Nadiah kerana terpaksa membatalkan untuk saat-saat akhir.

saya sambung kembali study. lampu meja saya biarkan terpasang. hairannya,tiba-tiba saya rasa silau yang amat dengan cahaya lampu tu. panik juga seketika. saya pujuk hati. takpe,photophobia adalah salah satu simptom conjunctivitis! kepala saya masih lagi berdenyut.akhirnya saya ambil keputusan untuk tidur sebentar.

Jam 9 pagi.


saya cepat-cepat bersiap untuk ke kuliah. hari ini doktor akan mengajar tajuk Uveal. mata saya masih lagi merah,tapi tak de la merah sangat macam darah. saya gagahkan diri untuk ke kuliah. sampai di kelas,saya bagi ‘warning’ awal -awal kat kawan-kawan bahawa saya kene conjunctivitis ni. hehe..kesian plak kat mereka. saya pun duduk jauh-jauh dengan mereka. bukan apa,risau berjangkit. sepanjang kelas berlangsung,alhamdulillah,saya boleh memberikan tumpuan kepada apa yang doktor ajar,walaupun bukan 100%,tapi Alhamdulillah,saya dapat memahami apa yang disampaikan.

lepas kuliah,saya terus berkejar ke farmasi. Alia temankan. jumpa doktor di farmasi. terus dia ‘prescribe’ ubat namanya Tobramycin-eye drops. syukran doktor. sampai rumah,saya terus titiskan dua titik ke dalam kedua-dua mata saya. alhamdulillah,segar rasanya!

2 titik setiap 4 jam,jaga hygiene,makan buah banyak-banyak,kasi imuniti up sket,minum air masak banyak-banyak. bila masuk musim panas,ramai la orang yang kene conjinctivits ni termasuklah saya. haih,nasib badan..hehe

fakta tentang conjunctivitis(maaf,saya terpaksa copy paste dari cik wikipedia,mata saya dah berdenyut-denyut kembali,jadi,saya mahu rehat)

ini bukan mata saya,tetapi sign yang ditunjukkan lebih kurang seperti gambar ini

Conjunctivitis (commonly called “Madras eye”) is an acute inflammation of the conjunctiva  (the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids), most commonly due to an allergic reaction or an infection  (usually viral, but sometimes bacterial).
Bacterial conjunctivitis

Bacterial conjunctivitis due to the common pyogenic (pus-producing) bacteria causes marked grittiness/irritation and a stringy, opaque, grey or yellowish mucopurulent discharge (mucus, gowl, goop, gunk, googies, eye crust, or other regional names, officially known as ‘gound’) that may cause the lids to stick together (matting), especially after sleeping. Another symptom that could be caused by bacterial conjunctivitis is severe crusting of the infected eye and the surrounding skin. However discharge is not essential to the diagnosis, contrary to popular belief. Bacteria such as Chlamydia trachomatis or Moraxella can cause a non-exudative but persistent conjunctivitis without much redness. The gritty and/or scratchy feeling is sometimes localized enough for patients to insist they must have a foreign body in the eye. The more acute pyogenic infections can be painful. Like viral conjunctivitis, it usually affects only one eye but may spread easily to the other eye. However, it is dormant in the eye for three days before the patient shows signs of symptoms.

Pyogenic bacterial conjunctivitis shows an opaque purulent discharge, a very red eye, and on bio microscopy there are numerous white cells and desquamated epithelial cells seen in the tear duct along the lid margin. The tarsal conjunctiva is a velvety red and not particularly follicular. Non-pyogenic infections can show just mild infection and be difficult to diagnose. Scarring of the tarsal conjunctiva is occasionally seen in chronic infections, especially in trachoma.

note 1 : saya berdoa agar target saya untuk minggu ini tercapai! doakan moga saya cepat sembuh..aminn

note 2 : petang tadi sempat merewang ‘window shopping’ di Manial bersama Lin,Alia dan Nadi. nanti la saya cerita di lain entry. hee,tengah sakit mata,boleh lagi merewang ni!adoii la..hehe

dalam bahaya..

Salam aleik

Hari ini ada cerita hot!

Hari ini seperti biasa,selepas kuliah,saya pulang ke rumah dengan berjalan kaki. Singgah sebentar di kedai fotostat Batol . Alia mahu fotostat buku forensic saya. Setelah semuanya selesai,kami pulang ke rumah masing-masing.

Ditakdirkan,sampai di tangga rumah,saya terkejut bukan kepalang. Ada lelaki yang berpakaian ala-ala rappers sedang menunggu sesuatu di bawah rumah saya. saya terkejut. Saya cepat-cepat pusingkan badan dan cepat-cepat bergerak ke arah lain. Aduh,bayangkan saya amat penat ketika itu,kalau diikutkan hati,mahu sahaja saya redah naik ke rumah flat saya tu. Buat gaya ala-ala ‘stuntwomen’ sikit. Tapi,saya tak berani nak buat macam tu. Faham-faham sajalah orang Arab ini. Nampak sahaja,badan kurus macam lidi,tapi kekuatannya berganda-ganda hebat dari kita.

Saya mencari-cari arah jalan yang sesuai untuk menyembunyikan diri. kejap-kejap saya menoleh ke belakang. Ya,dia masih mengikuti saya. bukan dia seorang sahaja,kali ini berdua. Saya jadi pelik,dari mana pula datangnya kawannya itu. saya beristghfar panjang. Dalam hati berdoa agar dijauhkan daripada perkara yang tidak diingini. Saya terus berjalan melalui celah-celah orang ramai. Dan dia masih lagi berada di belakang saya. Allah! Muka saya sudah pucat .tangan terketar-ketar. Lantas saya mencapai telefon tangan dan mencari-cari nombor sahabat ikhwah saya. namun,keadaan terlalu sukar untuk saya berbuat demikian. Saya batalkan hasrat saya untuk menelefon kawan saya. langkah dihayun laju,semakin laju. Peluh semakin memercik. Saya mencari-cari arah untuk masuk ke kedai runcit. Dan aim saya memang untuk masuk ke dalam kedai runcit itu!

Saya menoleh ke belakang. Ya,orang itu masih lagi mengekori saya. saya cepat-cepat masuk ke dalam kedai runcit. Dia pun nampaknya seperti tidak teragak-agak untuk masuk ke dalam kedai. Allah,apa yang harus saya buat? Saya memberanikan diri masuk ke dalam kedai dan segera saya beritahu pak cik jurujual di situ “ya Amm, il’ha’uni..ilha’uni..asyan fi raagil wehsyah awi..humma dol fil waraa..”(tolong saya pakcik..ada lelaki jahat,sedang mengekori saya di belakang”. Saya tengok kelibatnya di luar keai runcit tersebut. Saya jadi takut pula. Macam-macam saya berilusi. Antaranya saya takut kalau-kalau pakcik jurujual tidak mahu menolong saya.dalam hati tak putus-putus saya berdoa. “feyn..feyn humma dol??”(mana?mana laki itu?). fuh,lega,sebaik mendengar suara pak cik yang lantang itu,dua orang lelaki tadi pun cepat-cepat lari menghilangkan diri. Alhamdulillah. Lega sangat masa tu. Tapi,saya masih takut kalau-kalau lelaki itu menunggu saya di mana-mana lorong dan cuba mengambil kesempatan kedua. Saya jadi takut. Ingin saja saya call mana-mana sahabat ikhwah masa tu. Tapi memandangkan semua orang baru balik dari kuliah,ditambah dengan cuaca yang amat panas,saya ambil keputusan untuk tidak menelefon mereka.tak nak ganggu istirahat mereka(poyo je kan!hehe! Hai,serba salah juga dibuatnya!

Saya tekad dan beranikan diri. (adik-adik,jangan tiru aksi ini). Alat penyembur minyak wangi dan gunting saya keluarkan,untuk langkah berjaga-jaga. Sengaja saya dedahkan apa yang saya pegang tika itu. masa tu,biarlah orang nak kata saya ni tak betul ke,yang penting keselamatan diri itu lebih utama.

Saya memilih jalan yang penuh dengan orang ramai. Untuk sampai ke rumah saya perlu melalui jalan-jalan yang berliku dan lorong. Kebanyakan lorong-lorong di situ sunyi sepi.dengan membaca beberapa doa pendinding diri,ditambah dengan ‘senjata’ pertahanan,maka saya beranikan diri melangkah. Matahari memancarkan bahang yang amat panas. Seolah-olah memahami ‘panas’ nya gelodak jiwa saya tika itu.

Alhamdulillah,semua lorong yang saya lalui ‘clear’. Handphone di tangan kanan. Gunting di tangan kiri. Semua ‘senjata’ ini amat berguna bagi saya untuk mempertahankan diri. lagipun dulu,saya pernah belajar silat gayung,hehe..tapi itu sudah lama,entah ingat lagi ke tidak cara-cara nak bersilat tu.hehe.


Saya menjerit!

Orang itu betul-betul berada di hadapan pintu masuk flat(imarah) saya. Bayangkan saya amat takut tika itu. gelabah juga sikit-sikit. Tapi saya cuba tenangkan diri saya. sudah la kawasan itu memang sunyi. Saya memberanikan diri bertanya “ enta aizz eih?Awak nak ape??(baca dalam nada kasar sekasarnya ok!). saya lihat dia pun terpinga-pinga dengan pertanyaan saya. dalam hati saya mengomel,amboi ingat orang melayu tak leh cakap arab ke?.hmm.geram punya pasal.

Lepas tu,kawan dia seorang lagi pun keluar dari rumah tingkat satu imarah tersebut. Saya kaget seketika. Aik,apasal dia keluar dari rumah orang plak ni? Haa,makin naik minyak la saya waktu tu. Saya dah fikir bukan-bukan dah time tu. Mungkin mereka pecah masuk rumah orang tu ke atau mereka dah buat apa-apa yang tak patut pada keluarga arab tu. Saya naik minyak. terus acukan gunting dekat mereka. oh oh,saya jadi macam orang tak betul sekejap!

Mereka terdiam.hmm,tau takut.

“enti sakna hina,soh?. Ana Ahmad,ana saakin hena ma’a family. Huwwa akhi..”(saya tinggal di sini.saya Ahmad,tinggal dengan keluarga saya di sini.ini adik saya)

Aik?kenapa tetiba baik pula mamat ni? Konon la tu buat-buat mengaku tinggal situ.Saya makin curious. “ana musy arfa enta min,wa enta aizz eih minni..ana bass saakna hena,ma fish haaga khalis. Lau entu yi’mal haaga wehsyah wa musy kuwaiyyis,haul syurtah dilwakti..masyi???”(saya tak kenal awak ni sape,ape awak nak dari saya.saya just tinggal kat sini je,tak de apa-apa pun.kalau kamu buat benda-benda yang buruk kat saya,saya tak teragak-agak akan call polis sekarang.faham??)

Panas..panas..memang saya naik darah betul waktu tu.

Mereka buat muka. Dahi berkerut. “soh keda,wallahi..ehna saknin hena..ma’a baba wa mama..enti khaifaa leih ba’a? (betul.wallahi,kami tinggal di sini dengan mak abah,awak takut-takut ni kenapa?)

Diringkaskan cerita,rupa-rupanya memang betul mereka tinggal di satu flat dengan saya. rumah saya di tingkat 3. rumah mereka di tingkat 1. mereka bukannya kejar saya pun,memang mereka nak pergi ke kedai runcit itu juga untuk beli barang dapur,tapi diorang nampak saya gelabah satu macam dan buat kecoh kat kedai tu..hehe.terus diorang tak jadi masuk dan beredar keluar. Ha ha..(haii..eksyen lebih-lebih plak cik fatin ni!!)

Argh!malu nya saya masa itu. satu keraguan tetiba beralih jadi  bahan jenaka pula buat saya. mungkin saya terlalu berhati-hati dengan mana-mana orang arab sekarang,maklumlah sudah banyak kejadian dan cerita yang tidak sedap didengar berlaku. mereka terus memohon maaf dengan saya. huhu. saya masih lagi pening-pening dengan peristiwa tersebut.

So,moral of the story

  1. Haa..buat adik-adik,kawan-kawan,lepas ni kalau nampak orang yang tak dikenali ikut kita atau nampak die tengok kita pelik je,jangan teragak-agak untuk menelefon ikhwah kita di sini. (kita kasi ikhwh banyak kerja sikit ye..hehe).
  2. sentiasa bawa bersama kita gunting ke,pisau lipat ke,minyak sembur sebagai ‘senjata ‘ kita
  3. apabila terasa macam diikut(walhal dia tak ikut kita pun,tapi buat-buat perasan yang dia ikut kite ye),terus masuk kedai runcit/pegi ke tempat yang ramai orang.
  4. banyakkan berselawat,berzikir ketika berjalan atau apa-apa yang anda sedang lakukan. Zikir itu mudah dan indah dan praktikal untuk dilakukan di mana-mana

note 1 : esok nak ‘dating’ dengan my beloved-dovey friend,Lin dan Nadira

note 2 : sapa-sapa yang tengah bersedih tu,sudah2 la tu..la tahzan,innallaha ma’ana

HE is always by my side!!

today i feel soooo rejected!!huhu

and everything surround me like a boring stuff..sorry dear friends..but i feel sooo self-eccentric!i’m not in a good mood actually!

today,i went to clinical tutorial and everything seems regular to me. our case presentation today is Otitis Media with central perforation.it is not severe case but we try to manage the case of that patient.we did some otoscopy to the patient and we found that she has OM with central perforation on left ear.

after the session, i went home,sadly..huhu

note : i’m too emotional today-all negative feeling showered myself today-i feel so rejected,slef-eccentric,people don’t greet me anything neither say hello nor smile,in fact i try to smile at them and greet them happily like i usually do,but today,everything seems abnormal to me..

note 2: when i feel sad, i always listen to Maher Zain song -Insya Allah-truly,it makes me feel extra relief.thanks Allah!

note 3 : i’m a human,so it is normal as a human to feel some negative feeling but i try to handle it immediately as i can. just remember that Allah is always by my side

note 4 : i’ve burst out lots of tears on the way back from my clinical session untill i reach my home..huhu..(what the hell is wrong with me??)

la tahzan..Allah is your side!

Miss Perfectionist??

I have read about individual statistic and I think I’m the one with Miss Perfectionist. I tell you what, I’m very like perfection most. Whatever I did,I must think about what did happen to me after that,i mean the outcome of it,if it comes to my bad, I’ll create the result which is more acceptable to me,yet I can’t accept the worst things ever happen to me!not twice I think! But I realized something,by definition we all know what perfectionist is all about. Ok,lets follow the rules:

These are quotes that I take from Life Strategies motivational book by Dr Philip c Mc Graw. He said :

Dr Philip : the perfectionist present their objective as though it were a virtue.they have to be perfect. They don’t expect others to be perfect,only themselves. Ergo,they are way better than others..

Me : ehmm,let me think, I’m kind of perfectionist sometime,but I don’t ever expect others to be perfect and I totally never underestimate someone around me. I don’t think I’m the best but I always built up myself to be at the top..not merely the best I think but closer to it.

Dr Philip :because there is no perfection,these people are constantly frustrated.they never ever reach their standard.

Me : hmm..that’s right! Nobody’s perfect actually.

Dr Philip : although their day are characterized by constant,unrealistic self degradation and little joy,they brag “I am a perfectionist’ and the world says, “ get a life’

Me :yeah,that’s true. me myself,i try to rejoice myself with something happy to do with.for example,i like Japanese most,so,whatever it comes to that,i’ll cheer up and be happy about that.that’s the better way for me to strive and live in this life!

So,in a conclusion, I’m not the one with 100% perfectionist eventhough my mum always said that I’m too eager in my life,throwing everyone’s life into one and that person was me. hehe..and now,I’m not like that anymore , I think.i have lots of responsibility to carry out. perhaps i’ll perform my best and do well to the ummah and religion,insyaAllah.

~taken from my daily journal(January 2010)

Big smile T______________T

Hehe!oficially announced that I’m already end up my second posting in my 4th year;community medicine. Yeay! Am I suppose to do that?huh..no more assignment and presentation perhaps..and my next round will be Otorhinolaryngology(just say it in easy way :ENT) and I cant wait to be in that posting!opps,my senior said that I’ve to be prepared for the stinky smell of ear discharge,nasal discharge, sputum,expextorant and many many more!haha..dare to challenge??

Today, I’ve just finish my end round exam-community medicine and tell you what,I bumped with lots of question. I didn’t have any clue before when the doctor said that we have only 1 hour to complete answering the exam. But,I’m quite shocked at first to see lots of question to be answer properly including 7 short essay question and 50 MCQ,including True and false, matching and fill in the blanks. Can you imagine that?and I have to complete my answer only for one hour!i found a big mistake here. One hour is actually not enough for me to answer all these damn questions,because I know I couldn’t be able to reach out the proper answer and write them in a very good manner. Eventually, I ended up with the worst appearance of my answer paper. I did teriible things. My handwriting is the worst thing ever. When I answered all that questions,my right hands kept trembling and I tried to control myself at that situation.poor me!

These are the question:

Community medicine,4th year,Faculty of Medicine,Cairo University

Essay question

  1. Mention the characteristics of Egypt food balance (I’m not Egyptian ok,so,why do I need to answer this question..hehe..just kidding.no offense ok!)
  2. Describe chemoprophylaxis;definition,2 examples and limitation of its use – (main hentam je jawab ni..huhu)
  3. list the impact and outcome indicators used in evaluation of family planning program
  4. describe case finding program for pulmonary TB
  5. list the components of antenatal care
  6. list nine infectious diseases included in children immunization program and mention specific prevention for one of them
  7. enumerate 8 health education messages included in child care program

huhu..ok,please answer that questions ok..

Nota 1 : House MD marathon tonight!hehe

Note 2 : I really wish to go there..and insyaAllah,tomorrow I’ll be there..but what is that place exactly?wait and see.

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